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Kevin Scott 05-08-2010 11:49 PM

Help creatig S&C Program that works with BJJ
I train BJJ anywhere from 4-6 days per week. I train 2 hours a day most days and sometimes 3. I try to keep the intensity up and take very few breaks when training. My goal is to find a strength and conditioning program that works to enhance my grappling. I have goals of eventually getting to adcc world sub championships. I currently am a purple belt in bjj and working on progressing quickly to black. What suggestions do you guys have.

I am currently 225 and about 13% BF and 26 years old. I box squat 400lbs, deadlift 300, bench 250, overhead press 165, and power clean 185 (technique still needs work. Almost landed a 220 pound power clean but couldn't quite get technique). I am cutting my weight down to 210 for upcomming grapplers quest and I will be dropping to a walking weight of 190# permanently over the next few months. I know I could do with a better metabolic conditioning. My pressing strength could use improvement. I also feel my posterior chain could do with strengthening. I thought about crossfit football or crossfit but was unsure if it would be to general. I currently train 1 day with a powerlift focus on a pushing movement and a squat/deadlift variation. The powerlifting day I perform 15 sets of 1 rep with 1 min between each set. If I can complete all 15 sets with same weight I add 5% to the next workout. Every 4 weeks I change the two lifts. The rest of the week consists of crossfit type workouts. Usually only managing to do 3 crossfit workouts in a week and usually only do metcons.

Chris Butler 05-09-2010 06:04 AM

Your training looks good. Are you doing any hill sprints or sled work?

How's your diet? If drop down to 190 you are going to have to drop lean tissue as well. Your LBM is 195.75lbs.

Joe Hart 05-09-2010 08:46 AM

Its good that you have a goal and a reason to do all this work.

It seems like you have the strength nailed down. The question is "Are you being overpowered by your opponents?" If not I would stick with what you have. When you get done with a bout are you worn out to the point you couldn't go another round? What I am asking is what is your weakness?

Your technical skill seems to be up there and you roll quite a bit. I am 40 if I did all that you do, in a week, I would be worn out and divorced. Do you recover ok with everything you do?

I would check out Joel Jamieson's book and website (8weeksout.com). He is pretty systematic about S&C. His view is more about improving weakness and staying technically proficient. He gives a baseline for strength and conditioning.

So sorry that I am all over the place.

Kevin Scott 05-09-2010 05:08 PM

I have been recovering fairly well. I am starting to take my blood pressure manually every morning and resting HR to check for overtraining. I usually notice after about 3 weeks I start to feel soreness in all my joints and difficulty sleeping so the fourth week I generally have to back down a bit to recover. Usually the fourth week seems to be a half volume week and I feel as good as new. I haven't been injured and have been feeling overall better.

I still want to improve all aspects of my fitness for grappling. I can usually go 3x6 minute rounds pretty hard grappling with no rest between and after that I start to fizzle a little and I am only saved by having pretty decent technique. I want to be able to go 5x6 minute rounds since most big tournaments you end up with 5 matches. I am pretty obsessed with becoming the best. My squat strength is good but my deadlift strength needs to also be double my bodyweight. I also want the bench press to be 300 and my overhead press to be around 225. I feel the additional strength will help and I think my posterior chain needs more strength to help with throws and takedowns. I also need some type of grip training program. My pinching grip sucks and I have a low finish rate with gi chokes because of grip strength. I am open to ideas on integrating grip strength.

Based on this what do you think would be better; the program I am following now with the powerlifting 1x per week and 2-3 crossfit metcons or following crossfit football with the daily powerlifting and short metcons. I have never really tried crossfit football so I am unsure about it. Also I know Gant had an interesting hybrid program that some people seem to like. I am also open to non crossfit conditioning. I am just looking to be the best.

Kevin Scott 05-09-2010 05:14 PM

I haven't really been doing hill sprints. I have been doing a strongman metcon type day on saturdays a lot of weeks with tire flips, sled drags, sandbag work, and sledge hammer stuff. I have a pretty good sprint program but didn't know if it was better to sprint stuff or couplet/triplet metcons. I'll post the sprint program below. I got it a long time ago from a guy called Taku and many people have enjoyed it.

Week 1
Monday & Friday:
10 X 20 seconds work + 10 seconds recovery.
5 X 30 seconds work + 60 seconds recovery. 3 X 20 seconds work + 40 seconds recovery. 2 X 10 seconds work + 30 seconds recovery.

Week 2
Monday & Friday:
10 X 20 seconds work + 10 seconds recovery.
5 X 30 seconds work + 60 seconds recovery. 5 X 20 seconds work + 40 seconds recovery. 5 X 10 seconds work + 30 seconds recovery.

Week 3
Monday & Friday:
10 X 20 seconds work + 10 seconds recovery.
5 X 30 seconds work + 60 seconds recovery. 5 X 20 seconds work + 40 seconds recovery. 10 X 10 seconds work + 30 seconds recovery.

Week 4

5 X 30 seconds work + 60 seconds recovery. 5 X 20 seconds work + 40 seconds recovery. 5 X 10 seconds work + 30 seconds recovery.
4 X 30 seconds work + 60 seconds recovery. 6 X 20 seconds work + 40 seconds recovery. 10 X 10 seconds work + 30 seconds recovery.
5 X 30 seconds work + 60 seconds recovery. 8 X 20 seconds work + 40 seconds recovery 12 X 10 seconds work + 30 seconds recovery.

Kevin Scott 05-09-2010 05:34 PM

8weeksout.com looks pretty good. Anyone here have any experience using there programs. I also have looked at zach even-esh's stuff and I have read most of the articles on his undergroundstrengthcoach.com. I am just looking for as many as opinions as possible to create a good program for myself.

Chris your right about having to cut lean bodymass to reach 190. I am okay with that though because if I later decide to fight it'll be easier to cut to 170.

Joe Hart 05-09-2010 06:13 PM

Ross Enamit's site has some good stuff. I have done his Infinite Intesity and it has taken the starch out of my britches quite a few times. CF Football would seem to serve you more since you want to get stronger. I will try and post more later.

Chris Butler 05-09-2010 06:14 PM

Grip strength- Towel pull ups and farmer's walks

Throws - Over the shoulder boulder throws, like kbell swings but let it fly.

Grissim Connery 05-11-2010 12:54 AM

the big thing that really jumps out at me is the deadlift @ 300#. IMO your pulls should be pretty legit, especially if you play with the gi. you should probably focus there for a while, along with weighted pullups. if you're concerned with grip strength, that should be complementary.

rope work would be nice. aside from climbing, you can tie it to something heavy and preferably with a lot of friction, like the tire. you can then stand your ground and row it in.

for more grip work, i actually think the captains of crush grippers are nice. when i use them, i notice a big part is not so much closing the fingers to the palm, but instead pushing the heel of the thumb up to the fingers. when you're cocking your wrists at different angles for chokes, a lot of times if you press this part of your thumb forward (in a supinated grip) it sinks chokes deeper both on the gi and slides the blade of your arm nicely on the proper spots.

IMO if you wanna increase strength for throws, you need to focus on rotational motions along with mixed push and pulls with the hands. one little motion that i think is actually pretty valuable is renegade rows. i think alternating them between strict ones facing the floor and heavy ones with big trunk rotations can have a lot of benefits in both of these categories. if i had to choose one, i would honestly choose the heavier weight one with a huge trunk rotation so that your facing sideways and your feet point in the direction you're now facing. the added support press that your bottom hand gives is very good. if you do a lot of leg sweep takedowns, then these would be very applicable.

in terms of over the shoulder throws w/ boulders, i think you could get those benefits more easily with OL....that is unless you're looking to suplex somebody....in which case go forth...i am all for suplexes...


Mark Joseph Limbaga 05-11-2010 07:43 AM

One approach you can also consider:

5/3/1 for your main lifts
timed sets for assistance
complexes/strongman/metcon for GPP

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