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Dave Coughlin 06-15-2010 09:31 AM

On My Signal....Unleash Hell!
Stats: 34 y/o male. approx 240 lbs
Profession: Firefighter, and part-time bartender
-(all these were within the last year)
1RM DL 455#
1RM SP 200#
1RM BS 360#
1RM PC 275#
Mile run 6:16
100m sprint-13.1
400m run-1:21
800m run-2:50ish
Plus a bunch of CF stats, ask if you care

Athletic Background: Been doing some type of CF (main page, hybrid, CFFB, CFE, Affiliate, etc.) since April 2008. I competed in last year's Southeast CF Qualifiers, and finished in the bottom half (as expected). Prior to that, I was a fairly serious triathlete in my late 20s/early 30s, with several half-IronMan and a full IM finishes under my belt (I had no favorite distance, they're all pretty awesome). HS and some college athletics, nothing especially earth-shattering.

Current Athletics:
Competing in Firefighter or PD/FD events, and the occasional CF Affiliate event (if it's nearby). TCA events, FLA and National FF Olympics Track Meet, FF Combat Challenge, Sprint Triathlons, and I am looking to compete in my first Highland Games and possibly a StrongMan event (maybe).

Goals: Increase strength, conditioning, while developing/improving skills to not look like a complete A-hole in whatever athletic endeavor I choose to partake in on that given day. Also, have enough energy to work a busy 24hr shift at the FD, come home and keep the two kids entertained for a few hours until I shove off to my PT gig.

Logistics: I'm going to try to attempt a 5/3/1, plus one assistance movement, and one short/heavy metcon (think CFFB or Gant's hybrid) for the majority of my programming. Other days will be a grab-bag of whatever I can do that day, and the implements I have at my disposal. I typically have a three day rotating schedule that goes something like this:
Day One-on shift at FD from 0730-0730
Day Two-off during day, work at hotel from 4pm-12:30am
Day Three-off, usually at home most of the day so wifey can leave the house!
Most stations each have a treadmill, and a universal-type machine. I have some bumpers, iron weights, oly bar, sandbags, push/pull sled, med ball, 12 and 16# shots, etc....which gives me some flexibility at the station. On my off days, I have access to some decent equipment at the FD training center, not to mention I have a pretty sweet DIY pullup bar in my house. With enough planning, I can maintain the benchmark workouts required in 5/3/1, and fill in the other days with some other stuff.

Dave Coughlin 06-15-2010 09:34 AM

6/14/2010-Start of 5/3/1@ FD

(outside temps were 99 degrees during workout)
CFWU 1x10

Shoulder Press (clean into position)
45*8, 75*6
125*5 140*5 155*9

Dips 4*8

Four rounds, all-out effort
-20m sled pull then push, 290#
-10 pushups
-20 DUs

*Crazy busy day @FD yesterday, lots of moving up and vehicle inventory/cleaning. I managed to eat clean all day, and get this workout in around 4pm. First 5/3/1 day wasn't too scary, although I was hoping for 155*10. I was going to try to do DLs today, but we were up most of the night on a working fire, and I have to work tonight. Shouldn't be an issue for tomorrow.

Derek Simonds 06-15-2010 09:58 AM

Nice first workout. I look forward to keeping up with your training through your log. It is just brutal hot right now. I can't remember a June this bad in years.

There was some major Orlando FD activity at Princeton by the playhouse last night. I saw it after BJJ around 8:15. Looked to be 4 to 6 trucks there never saw what was happening though.

I am going to make some of the Highlands game implements next month and see how those events feel.

Jay Ashman 06-15-2010 03:15 PM

about time you came over here, DC... about damn time

Kevin Perry 06-15-2010 04:10 PM

I like your log name. Make me want to go kick something.

Dave Coughlin 06-16-2010 06:34 PM

Derek-Thanks for the hit, and look forward to meeting you eventually. I didn't know about that OFD call a couple days ago, we have been very busy the past few shifts-with legitimate EMS calls, house fires, and entrapments. Very different then the regular BS calls. I am pleased.

Jay-Yep, I made the switch to CA, although I'm double posting for a while longer. I have not learned a single thing on the CF forum in over a year, just too much focus on beginners perhaps. Plus, every time I try to give advice/opinion, the responses are beyond irritating. BTW does your relocation mean you're becoming a Browns fan now? The GM is the former GM of your Eagles, and C Alex Mack is a bad dude...look up his lifting #s.

Kevin-Glad you like the title, brother. If it makes you want to kick something, then it's working.

6/16/10 @FD Training Center

CFWU 1x10

Deadlift (65%/75%/85%)
135*5, 225*5
265*5, 305*5, 345*Max reps (8)

Assistance Exercises
Bosu ball situps (no GHD) 3*10

Five Supersets of:
6 deadhang pullups of different grips
6 Good Mornings w/45# bar

C2 Tabata-850m total

*After the shoulder workout on Monday, we got a double trailer fire at around 3am. It was still 90 degrees, and more humid than during the day. Saw a lot of guys fade quickly on the scene. Luckily, I have been really concentrating on hydration during the day...I'm also glad we did chicken and salads that night, and not enchiladas!
**First time giving max rep DLs a shot, at least since the Dirty South last year. There were a ton of FD VIPs around today, and I was getting some dirty looks for banging the weights a couple times. In forgetting to bring chalk today, I have now learned a valuble lesson in what to pack for DL days from now on. I should get double-digits next time I DL. The Tabata rowing was a horrible experience. All in all, I am really pleased with how that last max rep effort is making me feel....not looking forward to squat day. Tomorrow on shift I will try for some Oly lifting, sandbag runs, and throwing...or getting floated to a station with a squat rack.

Jay Ashman 06-17-2010 06:36 AM

I will look him up.

The CF boards are irritating, everyone is an expert over there as soon as they pick up a barbell or do a workout.

I don't follow any one team in FB, but I guess I will have to start looking at the Browns because they are going to be my hometown team so I may not have a choice haha

Dave Coughlin 06-18-2010 07:42 PM

6/17/10 on shift, 15 calls so no workout

6/18/10 working OT @FD:)

CFWU 1*10

Bench Press (65%/75%/85%)
175*5, 205*5, 225*10

-Pushups 3*20

-4 x 125# sandbag sprint 40m, turn around and walk back to start
(holding the sandbag like a barrel around my chest each way back)
-2x 40m sprint @85-90%
(focusing on quick feet and using my hamstring)

*I really wanted to do squats yesterday, but we were just too busy. I was able to get OT at a station with a bench, so I'll try for squats on Monday without throwing my first cycle off too much. Bench felt OK, my first time benching in quite a while. Once again, the max rep set is really a killer for me. I might have a couple more reps in me at 225#, but that is pretty much the same thing I've said each time. Not looking forward to max rep squats.
**I plan on having a rest day and a day with some Oly lifts, shot putting, and maybe some timed burpees; however, I haven't figured out the order yet. After working 48hrs, I doubt me going to the gym for a couple hours is high on my wife's priorities;)

Dave Coughlin 06-25-2010 01:09 PM

Crazy week at both jobs, and I've been dragging since working that 48 last weekend....

6/232010 @ FD

cfwu 1x10

Shoulder Press (70/80/90% day)
warmup-single arm DB presses with various weights
133*3 (Rx was 126#)
162*Max Reps = 9

Push Press 133#*12, 60 sec rest, 133#*7
Bench dip 3x10

Played lacrosse for the first time, then flipped a 700# tire 10-12x

6/25/2010 @ WW

cfwu 1x10

Deadlift (70/80/90 day)

365*Max Reps = 11

Dead hang pullups 6*5
Modified GHD situps 3*15

500m TT on C2-1:41

*The second week using a max rep set seemed to o better than the first. It probably helped that I brought some chalk for DLs. I have to find a way to make up my first squat day as well.

Derek Simonds 06-25-2010 06:22 PM

Nice Press and DL. Lacrosse is cool, my son is just getting into and loves it. So I am getting into it with him. We have been playing at the beach. That is a whole lotta running in a game so I doubt I will be doing that any time soon. :D

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