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Emily Mattes 07-04-2010 04:42 PM

Women's Only Strongman Contest - The Bad-Ass Bitch Invitational
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Ironsport Gym in Glenolden, PA will be hosting what is likely the first amateur strongwoman contest EVER on August 8th! We're looking to attract veterans of the sport as well as newcomers and have tried to tailor the contest accordingly. Women, come out and show your strength!

Info is below. The application is attached as a Zip file. PM me if you need the word document or email Steve Pulcinella at


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weigh-ins 8:00am – 9:30am (at event site)
Rules at 9:30am
Lifting starts at 10:00am

Iron Sport Gym
505 S. Chester Pike
Glenolden PA 19036

Women's Open

LW: 135lbs and under
MW: 135-160lbs
HW: 160lbs+

Arm over arm truck pull - Distance for time
Distance TBD

Conan’s wheel – Rotations until failure
LW: 250#
MW: 300#
HW: 350#

2” Axle Deadlift – Max weight, last woman standing

Press Medley for Time
One-arm dumbbell, barbell, 2” axle, 10” log
LW: 45#, 110#, 105#, 105#
MW: 55#, 120#, 115#, 115#
HW: 65#, 135#, 130#, 130#

Stone over 44'' bar - Max reps for 120 seconds
LW: 135#
MW & HW: 165#

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