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Brian Li 08-27-2010 10:02 PM

Iron cross on a pulley system
Hi, I have begun working on the iron cross on a pulley system that has two strapped handles that are as long as my arm span and I put max weight on the machine so my bodyweight won't drag the weight up and then I jump a little and lift my legs to an L-cross position and I try to maintain the cross. The straps are like 1 feet long from the machine, but the distance between the handles are the length of my arm span, so I guess it would be comparable to doing crosses on two platforms and so I was wondering how much easier it will be compared to doing an iron/L cross on regulation rings or even short rings? Currently I can only get to a cross that is 30 degrees above horizontal and hold a couple of seconds. I could feel it in my pecs and shoulders the most (I also roll my shoulders forward, but I don't use false grip).

Steven Low 08-30-2010 10:14 AM

It's significantly easier with shorter straps.

Regular straps (~10') compared with straps that are about 3' in length the difficulty doing it on the shorter straps is probably about 70% of doing it on the real thing.

30 degrees above horizontal on short straps you're maybe 40-50% of the way to full cross at max. The and sucky part is that it gets significantly harder the closer you get, and strength gains come slower.

That's why it's a 1-2 year project even at good strength to bodyweight ratios (130-160 lbs range).

Brian Li 08-30-2010 09:02 PM

How would the difficulty or intensity of performing a cross on two platforms like two chairs or tables compare with performing a real cross on 10' rings? I'm guessing that the difficulty of performing a cross on two platforms is easier than on 3' rings. Regarding the bodyweight range you showed, would it make a difference if I weigh about 115 lbs? Would my pulling and pushing strength increase once I achieve the cross since it uses the pecs and lats a lot, but is an adduction movement. Thanks for the enlightenment.

Steven Low 08-31-2010 11:50 AM

Flat surfaces where you do not get a "pull inside" or inward force makes it harder. If you are getting one since the force is constant it may be easier.

With lighter people it's USUALLY shorter.. but it may be more or less time depending on if you have requisite muscle already or need to build it

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