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Troy Paradiso 09-23-2010 12:36 PM

Troy P's Weightlifting Journal
About Me:

Age: 39

Training History: General Lifting 10 years, Power lifting 1 year, Oly lifting almost 2 years.


PL - Squat (405lbs), Bench (242lbs), DL (435lbs) @ 165lb class

@77kg : Snatch 93kg, Clean and Jerk 115kg, BS 175kg, FS 140kg
@85kg (actual bw was 80kg) : Snatch 95kg, Clean and Jerk 120kg, BS 185kg, FS 150kg

I'm a competitive master's weightlifter with about 19 months experience. I've done 7 meets so far with my first big meet looking like Master's Nationals next year (2011).

I spent almost 2 years down in Gilbert, AZ. training with Coach Charles Staley at his facility there and he's the one that got me into OL after I did all I was prepared to do with PL'ng. I learned a LOT from him during that time about training in general, but especially weightlifting.

Unfortunately, about 7 months ago I had to move away from Gilbert and Charles and am now training myself in a storage facility gym I built - it's actually pretty nice. Training has been ok, I did just set new PR's @ 77kg at a meet at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. I want to do better though (doesn't everyone?).

I'm going to be posting my training here because I have found this site to have the highest concentration of weightlifters and it'll hopefully inspire me to better things (and maybe the reverse will be true...)! :D

Troy Paradiso 09-23-2010 12:39 PM

Wednesday 9-22-10
Figured I'd post last night's training to get the ball rolling. It was a lighter session as I've been out with the stomach flu and I'm 3 sessions into the recovery from that.


- Worked up to 75kg for 5 x 1 reps

Clean and Jerk:

- Worked up to 95kg for 5 x 1 reps

Front Squat:

- Worked up to 107kg for 2 x 1 reps

- then, 101kg for 2 x 2 reps

I usually always do some mobility and soft tissue work after sessions for 10-15 minutes. Done and done.

Troy Paradiso 09-23-2010 06:28 PM

Thursday 9-23-10
Decided to push it up a bit to test the waters - tragically the waters were murky... Can't believe how much strength I lost the week I was battling the stomach flu - losing 7 lbs couldn't have helped much. Oh well, pressing on...

- worked up to 85kg for 1,0,1
- back to 75kg x 1
- back up to 80kg for 5 x 1

Clean and Jerk:

- worked up to 100kg for 3 x 1
- then 105kg x 1

back squat:
- worked up to 140kg x 2

whew. Gonna have 4 days off traveling out of town - not terribly thrilled about that but I'll get back at it when I get back.

Troy Paradiso 09-28-2010 05:38 AM

Back in the saddle...
Nice little get away but now back to business.

I'm going to be starting a new high frequency (read: Bulgarian-like) training routine trying to work up to 5-6 sessions a week. I'll be attempting to work up to good numbers (@ or above 90%) each session in the lifts including cycling Front and Back squats. The caveat I've experienced with this training (did once before with really good results) is keeping soft tissue/joints healthy; however, I've come a long way in my knowledge and experience with soft tissue and mobility therapy and should hopefully be able to stay in front of it.

Wish me luck...

Troy Paradiso 09-28-2010 07:19 PM

Tuesday 9-28-10
Tonights session was about not hurting myself. Mission accomplished.

- worked up to 70kg 3 x 1
- then 75kg 3 x 1

Clean and Jerk:
- worked up to 90kg 3 x 1
- then 95kg 3 x 1

Back Squat:

- worked up to 120kg x 2
- then 140kg x 2
- then 120kg for 2 x 2

Usual soft tissue/mobility work. Keep moving it up from here - that's the plan anyway.

Troy Paradiso 09-29-2010 08:20 PM

Wednesday 9-29-10
Felt like crap all day so I figured it was a good day to hit some good numbers. Had my best bud Phil Stevens roll through town and come to the gym with me which provided some inspiration too - haven't trained with him in 9 months.

Snatch: Power and Full

- worked up to 80kg for 3 x 1 each

Full Snatch:
- 85kg x 1. Felt good so...
- 90kg x 1. Still felt good so...
- 92kg x 1 (1 kg under my best at this body weight)

Clean and Jerk:

- worked up quickly to 100kg x 1
- 105kg x 1
- 110kg x 1 (felt good and strong)
- back down to 100kg x 2

Back Squat:
- worked up to 150kgx 1
- then back off to 120kg x 3

just reinforced the principal that you can't listen to how you feel - just gotta get in there and get it done.

Troy Paradiso 10-01-2010 08:09 AM

Thursday 9-31-10
Pretty solid session considering this is day 3 in a row. Felt a little stiff going in but a thorough warm-up got things moving.


- Worked up to 80kg for 5 x 1

Clean and Jerk:

- Worked up to 100kg for 3 x 1

Back Squat:

- Worked up to 140kg x 3 *
* (3rd squat session in 3 days and this triple felt more solid than the 120kg triple I did yesterday!)

- Then 100kg x 8 (just for some increased blood flow)

Much foam rolling and mobility work followed. :)

Troy Paradiso 10-02-2010 06:04 AM

Friday 10-1-10
Day 4 in a row of training and still holding together nicely.
I did a bunch of mobility/stretching stuff throughout the day at work so was good to go once I hit the gym.

- worked up to a solid 88kg x 1
- then 75kg 2 x 2

Clean and Jerk:
- worked up to 105kg x 1
- then 90kg 2 x 2

Back Squat:
- worked up to a decent 150kg x 1
- then 130kg x 2

Not too shabby. Train tomorrow (Saturday) fairly heavy again and then a light power session Sunday.

Troy Paradiso 10-02-2010 03:02 PM

Saturday 10-2-10
Day 5 in a row and still feeling pretty good. Did a morning session so that means about 9 hours less recovery time. I did an extended warmup and mobility PRE-session today to get things loose and it payed off.

- worked up to 80kg for 2 x 1 (very solid positions)
- 85kg x 1 (felt even better)
- 90kg x 1 ( best rep yet - but still hard)
- back down to 80kg for 2 x 2

Clean and Jerk:
- worked up to 100kg x 1. (feeling worn out by now)
- 105kg x 1 (tough but solid)
- down to 95 x 2

Back Squat:
- worked up to 130kg x 3

put a fork in me. Light squat and pull session tomorrow.

Troy Paradiso 10-05-2010 04:47 AM

Monday 10-4-10
Decent session after taking Sunday off. I needed the recovery time apparently, felt some strength again.

- worked up to 80kg for 3 x 2
- then 75kg for 2 x 2

Clean and Jerk:
- up to 100kg for 3 x 1
- then 90kg for 2 x 2

Back Squat:
- up to 130kg for 2 x 2

Enough for today.

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