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Guy Giard 09-23-2010 02:31 PM

New Paleo member with recipes !
Hello Everyone

I'm a new member and I will be looking for pre and post workouts nutrition but following a Paleo Protocol meaning with no protein whey powder, just real food. I'm no purist but want to try this.

For now just to let you know that I write a Paleo Blog with easy recipes and pictures, so here's the link

Ps; I don't sell anything, I just do it because it is my lifestyle!

In october I will start an exercise program called TNT by Adam campbell of Men's Health, as well as doing 'strict' paleo for the whole month, You can follow me on facebook:

So if you already have any pre- and post suggestion I'd appreciate it. I'm 5'10 and after losing lots of weight am around 165lbs for now. I think I am not to lose any more weight but am supposed to gain now with muscles. Therre are pictures of me and my progress on my blog if you want to see/help

Thanks Guy

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