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Guy Giard 09-29-2010 12:51 PM

High Intensity Interval Training ?
Hi everyone

It's me back again with another video, tomorrow is the last one.
Do you practice interval training? Most Paleo books talks about it has the natural way to train.
I do mine at home on a rebounder so I don't bother the neighbor, can do it about anytime, and avoid the stress on my joints.

There are 2 workouts to alternate:
A- 5min warm-up, 30sec sprint/90sec recovery x 4, 5min cool down
B- 5min warm-up, 60sec sprint/180sec recovery x 3, 5min cool down

You can see the video here:

Since I am going to do this for one month I have 3 questions:

1- Am I doing this good (is there a problem with my posture)
2- I get my heartrate to 160, which is more than 200 less my age, 50, is that a problem?
3- Any way you see I can improve this indoor routine?

Thanks again for any comments!!!

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