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Joe Hlasnik 09-30-2010 12:30 PM

Joe H's S&C Log
Hello all

I've decided to move my log over here from where I've been posting it here: Other Log. For a number of reasons I don't know how active I am going to stay on that forum and I've all but given up on going to the CF forums as well. I also have really enjoyed the community here over anywhere else and hope to become a welcomed contributor.

So about me:
about 210-215ish lbs hoping to lower that over the next few months

I've recently just finished a run with Madcow 5x5 intermediate while eating lots and lots of food, much of the reason why I went from 200 lbs to where I am now.

Okay enough of the boring stuff.

Program of choice - Wendlers 5/3/1 + Conditioning

For the first 2 cycles I am going to run a little differently then I had originally planned in this thread here: 5/3/1 Programming Critique

My goals are to maintain my strength right now and if I'm lucky make some gains, but lose the extra fat I gained from madcow 5x5.
So I would like to get around 200 lbs again and 13% BF the actual lbs may vary but just a guess.

After reading this article on elitefts I have decided to follow something similar to what was suggested there. Training for the Fat Guy

Press 5/3/1
Squat 5/3/1
Assistance in the form of some type of circuit complementing the main lifts (2-3 MAX)
Core Work

Conditioning of some sort - short and intense

Off - Maybe a little bit of Yoga

Bench 5/3/1
Deadlift 5/3/1
Assistance in the form of some type of circuit complementing the main lifts(2-3 MAX)
Core Work

Conditioning of some sort - short and intense

Off - Yoga/Walking if there's time or motivation :)

Upper assistance choices: Incline, Dips, Push Ups, Chins, Rows, Push Press/Thruster, or BBB
Lower assistance choices: Front Squats, BSS, GMs, Back Ext, Running, Olys, or BBB
Core Work: Ab Wheel, Planks, or Leg Raises

All conditioning/metcon/circuits will be judged on how I am feeling that day, I'm looking to get back into shape but not kill myself. I will be eating at maintainence and following leangains protocol as best I can when traveling. I eat primaly primal but will let myself enjoy myself at times, I do have season tickets I share with another family for the Steelers so Sunday's could be out due to tailgating sometimes.

I am going to begin on Monday the 4th and take measurements during the deload weeks to measure progress, and after 2-3 cycles I may change the layout a bit and ease up on conditioning.

Once I have met my conditioning and body comp goals I will look more to my strength goals:
BW Press, 1.25+ BW Bench, 2 BW Squat, 2.5 BW Deadlift

The numbers I entered into Wendlers formula are
Press 155 3RM ~ 170 1RM
Bench 225 5RM ~ 260 1RM
Squat 385 1RM
Deadlift 345 5RM ~ 405 1RM

I didn't have time to test anything other than my squat so I estimated with Wendler's equation and I will be starting with 80-85% of my maxes rather then 90% to make up for the additional conditioning and lower caloric intake.

This should be fun to say the least


Samuel Hughes 09-30-2010 12:57 PM

Looks solid, good luck. I'd definitely use long walks/hikes on off days for weight loss.

Joe Hlasnik 10-04-2010 06:26 AM

5/3/1 - Cycle 1 - Wave 1 - Day 1

Warm up: stretching, mobility and rom work

Warm up: 10*45 5*60 5*70 3*85
Work sets: 5*95 5*110 10*125

Warm up: 5*45 5*130 5*165 3*195
Work sets: 5*215 5*245 11*280

A1 5 Dips
A2 8 Good Mornings 95 lbs
A3 30 Plank Hold;no rest

Nice quick workout today, feeling a cold coming on so other than the work sets I didn't push it to hard. Presses I had some more left in me but my wrist was bothering me so I stopped at 10 and squats I kept going until form felt like it was going to go. I will add some Chins to my conditioning tomorrow since I didn't do anything like that today. Feels good to be back in it.


Joe Hlasnik 10-06-2010 07:44 AM


No hard conditioning, caught a sinus infection so I just did 45 mins of yoga instead. Should be ready for Thursday though.

Joe Hlasnik 10-07-2010 06:05 PM

5/3/1 - Cycle 1 - Wave 1 - Day 2



Leg Raises 3*Some
Back Extensions 3*12

Really happy I chose to use 80% of my max on deadlift because I haven't deadlifted in probably 3+ weeks so I didn't push it to hard today. Energy levels are still lagging behind from the sinuses but the antibiotics are doing their job I can breath again :). Bench was easy though I had a few more in me still but I decided to stop. I will add some assistance for today into my conditioning tomorrow I'm thinking a metcon since I haven't done one in a long time.

IF - 18 hours today.


Joe Hlasnik 10-09-2010 09:44 AM

Friday 10.9.2010

Finally a non-rainy day decided to skip the metcon and get outside.

15 Hills sprints

Off week to start the new program, will hopefully have my energy back for next week.

Joe Hlasnik 10-11-2010 01:39 PM


IF - 19 Hours

5/3/1 - Squat & Press

3*100 3*115 9*130

3*230 3*260 11*295

On the minute for 10 minutes
2 Hang Power Cleans + Press @ 120 lbs

Hit everything except 1 Press in the 8th round.

DB Rows 3*10*50

Felt really good after that workout, I wanted more on the last set for the Press but I can't complain 9*130 isn't half bad I guess. Feeling great this week, time to crank up the intensity a little bit.

Yoga tomorrow morning and followed by some conditioning outside if the weather is nice.

Joe Hlasnik 10-19-2010 07:05 PM

Weeks worth of log entries due to being to busy for my usual internet surfing.


AM - 30 Mins of Yoga
PM - 15 Hill Sprints


5/3/1 C1 - W2 - D2



Back Extensions 3*12
BB Row 5*5*140
Push Ups 5*15


5k Row - forgot to save the time nothing spectacular since I suck at rowing mid 20s


5/3/1 - C1 - W3 - D1



Dips 4*5*20
Back Extensions 3*12
Planks 30-60secs - a bunch

Sooo wanted 10 on the squats but I guess I'll settle for 8, happy with my Press though I think it's responding well to the program. I've been doing some reading on Wendlers log recently. I'm going to progress linearly on my BB Rows and eventually work them in as a 5/3/1 lift, I see wendler has been doing it with success. After this cycle I'm going to split up my lifting days to one for each of the main lifts for right now, and add conditioning 2-3 times a week as a feel up for it and have time. I feel it will work better overall for my goals, and I'm also thinking of adding a week of forgoing the AMRAP set for a few heavy singles. I think after the end of my second or third cycle I will I'm curious to see if I can make an big PRs with singles.

Also thinking of skipping the first deload week since I've been going a lot lighter on intensity with conditioning and Wendler said with the 2 days a week he didn't think there is much of a need for it unless your body is telling you it needs it. I have a trip in November which will give me a week of lighter workouts while I'm traveling for work so I think it will work well.

Joe Hlasnik 10-23-2010 06:07 AM

Tuesday 10.19.2010

Jogged a mile on the treadmill at the gym

Thursday 10.21.2010

5/3/1 - C1W3D2



Good Mornings 4*8*95
Ring Push Ups 5*10

I didn't push it to hard this workout because I had to get in and out due to work, grad school, and family stuff. This month has been terrible for time to get to the gym enough. I'm hoping after this weekend/monday things can go back to somewhat normal...midterms, papers, my sons birthday around the corner, and tons of network/hardware migrations at work. I haven't not worked a weekend all month and left the office at 7pm 3 times this week. I need to get ahead on school so I can focus on my work projects and pass my certifications before the end of the year.

Friday 10.22.2010

45 mins of Yoga

If I get enough done today maybe some more yoga or I'll pull out a DVD from P90X or Insanity I haven't done one of those workouts in awhile and some plyometrics sounds like fun. Should be easier since I'm squatting a lot more weight now.

I'm skipping the deload week this cycle so I can jump into the new setup and since volume was low this month.

I will post the new layout later on today.


Joe Hlasnik 10-23-2010 05:31 PM

So here is my new basic template for cycle 2, subject to minor changes as needed/wanted. I may add in another day of conditioning and such in there as I feel up for it.

Day 1
Squat 5/3/1
Power Clean 5*3

Day 2
Press 5/3/1
Chin Ups 3*5
Dips 5*5

Day 3
Deadlift 5/3/1
Front Squat 5*3
Good Mornings 3-5*8
Leg/Knee Raises

Day 4
Bench 5/3/1
Incline Bench 5*5
Barbel Row 5*5
Planks/Ab Wheel

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