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Justin Arnold 11-03-2010 10:52 PM

D3 vs Zn
So I'm trying to track down an issue with Zinc supplementation, and figured you guys might be able to help. It's a relatively long story, but I'll spare you all of the details and try to distill this into relevant stuff.

1) Considering Vitamin D's association with Calcium absorption, and what I gather is a tendency for some of these minerals to compete for absorption, would supplementation with D3 tend to prohibit absorption of Zinc?

2) Also, please consider the 2 following scenarios in which dietary calcium would vary drastically. Would this tend to inhibit zinc absorption more or less?:
a) 4000iu/day of D3 + ~4000kcal/day of paleo foods (no dairy)
b) 4000iu/day of D3 + ~4000kcal/day of paleo + 1/2GOMAD (~5000kcal total) (lots more calcium)

Thanks a TON for any insight

Steven Low 11-04-2010 06:36 AM

From what I know there's 2+ ion transporters in the intestines which transport Ca, Mg, Zn and all of the other 2+ ions in the diet.

The body in general will take what it needs from diet. Consider if you were in the sun all day like you would be previously if you were someone who worked outside all day. You ate real foods. I think the body is smart enough in general to absorb what it needs whne you;'re getting at least 10k IUs a day in vitamin D.

If you're worried I would just take a bit more from than usually. Since it's competitive inhibition more substrate in there will "force" more into the body until your body doesn't want it anymore.

Garrett Smith 11-04-2010 10:21 AM

I've never been familiarized with a concern around this subject. You should be fine.

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