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Troy Kerr 12-27-2010 05:50 PM

Ring Handstand workout
Upon realized that I could complete 4 ring HSPU with my feet support by the straps, I have started training Handstand ring work over the last few weeks. I usually use 4x2 for the HSPU, and accumulate 30 seconds of static hold work in a handstand. I figured 30 seconds was adequate to allow my body time to adapt to the stress of them. I was wondering if their are some better ways to use to program ring handstands.

Steven Low 12-31-2010 04:56 PM

There's not much you can do for handstands except do more handstands.

If you haven't learned or tried already it would be a good idea to learn a straight arm press handstand... they help everything which is why they are one ofthe most highly recommended skills to learn in gymnastics if you wanna get to high level strength

Blair Lowe 12-31-2010 05:09 PM


12 cycles of 30s ring HS with 45s of rest. Takes 15m and it should be 6m of HS.

Troy Kerr 01-01-2011 10:08 PM

Thanks for the info guys. What I am mainly trying to establish is the proper course of action for my handstand development. I follow the routine Steven has laid out in his body weight article, 3 days a week. Right now I am not sure how much volume I need to keep progressing, I feel like I have made constant progress week to week, but feel like I could possibly handle more.
Day 1) 3x 20 reps of wall walks.
Day 2) 4x2 Rings Handstand Push ups
Day 3) 30 seconds of static ring handstands.

Definitely open to suggestions. I will start incorporating the straight arm press. What would be appropriate volume for the straight arm press progression? Would it be wise to work on the straight arm press and static handstand ring holds?

Blair Lowe 01-02-2011 03:13 PM

20reps of HS wall walks? as in 20 reps of walking up and down the wall to HS from pushup position or just hand touches on the floor?

4x2 ring HSPU. sure, whatever works.

Day 3: probably not enough volume, remotely. How long can you hold a ring handstand for with good form? You can hold a ring support for 60s easy, right?

Straight arm presses?

I'd start working the press downs against the wall. 10-15 reps total. break it up as you see fit. 2-5r a piece. hands further away from the wall makes it easier but you must turn out hands or turn towards an undergrip or it will kill your wrists. you can also try on parallettes.

I would the negative press to a point where you could hold as low as you can go for 5s. however, if you do so, you won't be able to do as many presses in a row. you can try to explore and see how low you can lower to and press up to; but I think doing the negative press and just jumping back to HS against the wall would be better for a start.

Headstand presses in straddle and pike should be mastered first. these should be very easy I would think. You can then start on bent arm HS presses against the wall.

You may be able to work press HS and ring HS. This is something you'll have to figure out how much volume you can do but may be doable.

Troy Kerr 01-02-2011 04:38 PM

No, 20 reps of the shoulder touches. So just shifting my weight from arm to arm while I bring the opposite arm up and touch my shoulder.
I still have to wrap my legs around the ring straps for the ring handstands. I can hold a ring handstand for 25-35 seconds total depending on energy. I have been making an effort to keep my head down to keep my shoulders opened up. Ring supports I have not tested in awhile, I think back in early August I could manage a 30 second support hold without training it, so im sure it has gone up.
Are you suggesting to work the negative portion of the straight arm press for the time being? Right now I can easily go from a bent-arm frog stand and press into a handstand on the floor.

Steven Low 01-02-2011 06:20 PM

If you're fresh going into your next workout you can always add more if your joints aren't feeling beat down.

More types of skill work would be preferable... but exercises work too especially if you're not progressing week to week

Blair Lowe 01-02-2011 11:41 PM


Are you suggesting to work the negative portion of the straight arm press for the time being?
At first, yes.

The bent arm press to handstand from a frog stand is a nice parlor trick but easy. I'm sure my fat ass can still do it. Work the wall presses. You can do the seated pike and straddle holds and lift in the warmup. 3-5 holds of 10s, 3 sets of 5-15 lifts. Find something that is manageable. Try it 3x so long as it's not crushing you, especially since you don't want it crushing your FL work. 1-2m of L-sit and straddle-L can affect the quality of your FL work later on.

Try doing 5-10 holds of ring HS. 15-20s or so long as form is excellent and it's not crushing you. Remember, leave some in the tank.

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