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Matthew Fried 01-25-2011 08:07 AM

Home Gym
So, I'm preparing to buy some equipment for a home gym that I'll be putting together in March-April. The 2 major pieces are the squat stand & bar. I've done plenty of reading & feel like these will be awesome (both wfs):

Pendlay 20kg Nexgen HD
Rogue S-2 Stand

I will be building a platform and go with generic black bumpers like the Wright economy or Pendlay or similar.

Any thoughts as to why or why not to buy either of these two are appreciated. I will post a pic when it's all done!

Joe Hart 01-25-2011 11:54 AM

The Rogue stuff looks nice not real expensive. I bought squat racks from BW (just google BW squat racks) and I have a Pendlay bar that I am quite pleased with. One of the things I like about the BW racks is you can get the dip inserts. The rogues you have a pull up bar so I gues it is 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other. I surf around Craiglist a bit and come up with some good stuff (5 star Ironmind bench) and by bumpers on sale. All in all I would say you have a good start.

Ryan Lyman 01-25-2011 12:24 PM

you seem to be on the right track: BB, stands, and bumpers. here's some thoughts

I don't have any experience with the squat stand that you have mentioned, but i always thought rogues stands was a little overpriced, epsecially since you can get comparable stands with other options for roughly the same price....maybe i am wrong there, but i do like the ironmind stands, though it costs way too much to ship out to Hawaii. like joe said, scour craigslist or other adds. if money is an issue, consider the following stands:


i have two of them in my home gym. you can squat, press and bench with them, and i have loaded more than 200 kilos and they handled well, particularly consider the price.

personally, i would consider upgrading the BB to the bearing class. i have 2 of Pendlay HD bushing class, and they don't spin nearly as well as my burgener bar from Rogue (a bearing bar - http://www.roguefitness.com/burgener-bearing-bar.php). i love that bar, and can only imagine what even better bars are like. perhaps its the humidity over here or maybe its the bushing class, but i need to get in touch with MD regarding the HD bar, cause its getting worse.

still, my advice here would be to spend more money on the bar than the stands, especially since the bar will get more use than the stands. get a bar that will last close to a lifetime. the HD bushing bar is good, its certainly better than the first bar i bought from Pendlay, but it is not great. i suspect the HD bearing would be worth it.

as for the bumpers, i have seen the wright economy 10# plates crack quite a bit at a local CF gym. i have the Hi-temp bumpers from rogue, and they appear to be indestructible, cost-effective, and environment friendly. but if you are going to get in to WL (judging by your training log), i would consider getting insert kilo plates (my pendlays feel/are stronger than the hi-temps). but that may double (or more) the cost and depends on your intentions.

Matthew Fried 01-25-2011 07:12 PM

Thanks guys you both make some good points.

- I hadn't thought that I would need a bearing class bar, but I 100% agree that it's the piece that should have the most $ put into it.

- The Rouge S-2 SS I suggested may look cool & have good reviews, but other SS can do the same job. Except for the pull-up bar.

I do really want a pull-up bar but then I realized; the Rouge S-2 is not really portable. So, moving it on & off a homemade platform for certain lifts would be impossible.

I'll keep you posted with decision, pics, reviews. Any additional suggestions quite welcome!

Ryan Lyman 01-25-2011 09:13 PM

thats a very good point...being able to move the SS on and off the platform is a definite plus. i had to move my rack in to the garage because it took up too much room in the gym. it still put to use every now and then, but the SS more than suffices for the basics.

as for the pull-up bar, you can easily make one for a fraction of the cost. galve pipes with flanges screwed into beams, jungle gym types, etc. but that also depends on your situation...ie are you able to 'customize' your home? nonetheless, pull-up bars are easy to get creative with. another option is something like this:


it makes pull-ups fun and interesting. and its very easy to install. this or their more economical products are worth it.

Kelly White 01-26-2011 04:02 PM

I would second the better bar, but I would get a rack on Craigslist. I picked up a basic rack with a low and high pully, plus a bar and a 300some lb set for $120. I actually use the pully much more than I thought for scapular prehab neck work and warmups when its is cold.

I have it butted up against my platform, and I added a small plywood extension off the platform, so I can walk under (on the same level) to unrack the bar.

IMO, you really dont gain that much from a nice squat rack. A good bar can last, I need one, as I have broke/repaired my shitpile bar 3 times.

Will Peterson 01-29-2011 03:39 PM

I would check out the Pro Maxima FW-7 stand. They are priced well enough for any home gym and tough enough for really tough gym use/ abuse. They are also pretty easy on the knurling of your bar.

Oh, and I love my Rogue bar -- 28mm training bar -- a bit more than their 28.5 bars, but how often do you need to buy a bar?

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