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Darryl Shaw 04-23-2011 02:43 AM

Red Meat in the Diet: an update.

Red meat in the diet: an update.


This paper provides an update of a previous review ‘Red Meat in the Diet’ published in the Nutrition Bulletin in 2005. An update on red meat consumption levels in the UK and other countries is provided, and a summary of the nutritional content of red meat in the diet is given. Current evidence on dietary and lifestyle factors associated with red meat consumption and the effects of red meat intake on health and chronic disease outcomes are discussed. As there is now continued debate about the environmental impact of different aspects of our diet, sustainability issues regarding red meat were also discussed.

Steven Low 04-23-2011 09:35 AM

Hmmm, so basically nothing can be concluded since most studies weren't tightly controlled enough nor were there any controls for differentiating between processed vs. unprocessed meat (which most of us know...).

It's all too bad they can't really differentiate between the effects of grass fed vs grain fed beef et al. because there is a significant difference in fatty acid profiles which they did mention.

And that's even a side issue in the processed vs. unprocessed

"There is no evidence that a moderate intake of lean red meat, when consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet, has any negative health effects."

Works for me

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