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Allen Yeh 04-27-2011 11:35 AM

Summerville SC Walk for Chiari

Hey everyone, my wife while I'm over in A-stan figures she doesn't have enough to do with being sick and being a single parent during my deployment. She has also volunteered to organize a walk for The American Syringomyelia & Chiari Alliance Project or ASAP.

I'm not sure how many people that frequent the boards live near Charleston SC but even if you don't live in the area you could always donate a few dollars online. Thanks everyone, if you go to the walk and are coming from this board make sure you go up and say hi to my wife for me. You guys will all be seeing her before me that is for sure.

These are the links for the 2 personal pages for my wife and stepson Hunter:
Laurie's Donation Page

Hunters Donation Page

Kevin Perry 04-29-2011 11:37 AM

Donated, hope it goes good

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