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Michael D Jones 12-30-2011 05:17 PM

Mike's Vertical Jump Training Log
Hey guys & gals,

My name's Mike and I live in Australia. I'm almost 30, love weight lifting and athletic pursuits and play a fairly competitive version of beach volleyball. I'm here to seek guidance on training etc and think keeping a log is also a good idea. I used to keep one on another site but it went to a subscription basis.

Look forward to absorbing knowledge from you all.



Height : 5' 11"
Weight : 86kg (190lbs)
Max Squat : 170kg/ 375lbs (medium bar position, just past paralell, raw)
Max Dead : 205kg/ 451lbs (raw)
Running VJ : Estimated about 33" - haven't tested in a while
Standing VJ : Untested at present


Body recomp - current phase
Increase raw strength
Increase RFD


Poor recently but generally moderate protein, moderate carb


Training 30/12/2011 (weights in kg)

Deadlift 5x60, 3x100, 3x140, 3x180, 1x205, 3x180, 3x180, 2x180 (failed 3rd)
Walking Lunge (73.5kg - 30kg vest + db's) 3 x 10
Paused Jump Squat 40kg x 6 plus 8 x double leg bound for height (no rest between) - 2 sets of this
Broad Jump 4 x 6
Hip Thrust (100kg) 2 x 10

Total time about 1hr 45

Michael D Jones 01-01-2012 01:39 AM

Training 1/1/2012

Happy new year :) Hangover was gone by lunch time so hit the weights in the afternoon. Strength focus today as plyometrics planned for tomorrow with my little bro.

Warm up of leg swings and jump serving practice.

LB pin squat (just above paralell) 60kg x 5, 100kg x 5, 140kg 5x3
Walking lunge 78kg (30kg vest + db's) 3 x 10 (these were hard!)
Sled drag 100kg 4 x 30m
Single leg calf raise (on leg press) 80kg 2 x 15

Note to self - short strides on lunge are best for my anthropometry.

Vid links;




Tested my standing vertical briefly yesterday too on a basketball half court. Wasn't primed for max jumps but was very keen to test how much higher my running jump is than my standing. Interesting results.

I was getting my wrist over a 10' rim on the run. I was also able to jump straight up from a standing start and hang off the rim. So standing jump only a few inches shy of running!

This is great news for me. My training is all geared to raw strength and rfd and the fact I can lay down power from a dead stop tells me its working. Incase anyone is wondering I could jump a lot higher on the runon hard stand if I trained plyometric efficiency but sand negates that quality. Since my sport is sand based I refuse to waste time training that quality. It's the reason I refuse to use cookie cutter plyo programs made for b'ballers.

All my plyos are for RFD and movement coordination. So far, so good. Can't wait to get back into comp in February :)

Michael D Jones 01-02-2012 03:22 AM

Good session tonight! Plyometrics plus a bit of upper body (cause I haven't done anything upper body in weeks)

Warm up - leg swings and tempo runs

Split jumps 3 x 10
Altitude Jump (aka drop jump) 4 x 5 off 1.05m box (ouch!)
Paused frog jump (single leg) 3 x 6 per leg
Jump rope 3 x 100
Chin up 3 x 7
Oh press 60kg 5 x 2
Skull crusher 24kg 3 x 6

No vids tonight. Left memory card out of phone. Hope this run continues. I'm murdering weights/ jumps (for me anyway) at the moment.

Michael D Jones 01-04-2012 02:34 AM

Balanced session tonight.

Warm up jump serving practice, leg swings, hip flexor stretch

Deadlift warm up lifts 5 x 60kg, 5 x 100kg, 5 x 140kg


Moved on to altitude jumps while legs were fresh, 1.05m, 5 x 4 (good form today)

Deadlift 180kg x 3 superset (I hate the word superset, but its about PAP) with 5 x broad jump - 3 sets of (hello glutes!)

Walking lunge 78kg superset (ugh) with box jumps @ 0.8m - 3 sets of

Plyo complex - 5 x depth jump (0.5m) straight to hurdles (one 31" tyre then 2 31" tyres) straight to 30m sprint - 3 sets of

Feeling strong. Taking BCAA's pre/ peri workout to keep energy up and liking it. 10g in 200ml water. I had them lying around so figured I may as well. Also taking creatine again to buffer stores as competitive season approaches again.

Vid of drop/ altitude jumps


Michael D Jones 01-06-2012 04:00 AM

Social beach volleyball tonight. Jump is going well, particularly the standing one. I missed quite a few blocks because my hands were over the ball and the spikes bounced off my wrists on my side of the court.

Time to adjust my blocking style.

Michael D Jones 01-06-2012 11:07 PM

Strength focus today. Patellar tendons sore as hell so planned squats were aborted.

Warm up -leg swings and ramping deadlift to 140kg

Deadlift 182.5kg x 3 straight into broad jump x 5 - 3 sets
Same but deadlift 162.5kg - 2 sets (heavy deads started to get ugly)

Static lunge 75kg x 10 - 3 sets

Single leg presses 90kg x 10 per leg - 2 sets

Limited volume today. Feeling flat due to lack of sleep (niece and nephew stayed the night). Found the glutes good though, mission accomplished

Michael D Jones 01-11-2012 02:31 AM

Missed logging a strength session monday. Oh well. Plyometrics tonight.

Warm up - leg swings and on box jumps to get loose

4 star drill 2 x 10
Lateral hop 2 x 10
1 leg step up jump 20" box 2x 8 per leg
Depth jump 20" box 1x4
30m sprint x 4
2 leg bounds 1 x 25m

Never underestimate plyos man. My legs are sore! I remember doing these when I had average leg strength. Sooo much harder now ;)

Michael D Jones 01-12-2012 02:57 AM

LOL impromptu session tonight. Came home from work in a good mood, turned the TV on and promptly back off :rolleyes: Went outside and just sort of fell ass backward into weights :D

I figure overtraining isn't even close when it happens like that.

Warm up sled drags.

Bulg split squat 4 x 5 75kg ouch!
Push press 3 x 5 60kg
Double leg bound 25m x 3
Sled drag 110kg 2 x 30m


Michael D Jones 01-18-2012 04:10 AM

Missed logging a few sessions.been busy with new job and my 30th birthday :D

Strength session tonight.

Warm up - ramping snatch grip deads

Defecit deads x 3 140, 150, 160, 170kg
Hb pin squat atg (for me). 102.5kg 3 x 5
Reverse lunge 78kg 3 x 5 per leg
Bb hip thrust 100kg 2 x 12

I like my home gym. Hip thrusts used to raise eyebrows in the commercial gym :cool:

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