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Ben Glidewell 01-17-2012 09:16 AM

Programming 3 Position Pulls
How would you/do you program 3 position pulls? (+ clean/snatch or pull only, reps/sets/loads)

I noticed them in the technique/position cycle in Gregís book and I decided to include them during my deload/transition week. I feel that I can concentrate on my posture and balance as well as all the small aspects (vertical shins, weight toward heels, shoulders slightly in front of the bar, relaxed arms, arched back and using my lats to push the bar into my hips).

Thanks in advance!

Greg Everett 01-25-2012 09:55 AM

Sorry I thought I had replied to this a long time ago. You can program them a number of different ways. A simple one would be to do a few sets before you do regular pulls to add that positional work which will then also feed into the subsequent pulls, plus they'll serve as a warmup for those pulls, so it's fairly economical.

Or if you're using them in a deload week as you say, you can swap them for regular pulls and keep the weight the same or close since they'll be a bit less taxing due to the higher starts on the second 2 reps.

Ben Glidewell 02-02-2012 09:12 AM

No problem, thanks for the reply Greg. I am looking for additional positional work to address the issues you mentioned below.

"When you leave the floor, you're letting yourself tip forward over the bar too much - your knees extend faster than your hips, so you end up nearly straight-legged with the bar at your knees and your shoulders too far in front of it. So you're basically getting pulled forward and then you try to jump into the bar with your hips, which limits the upward acceleration and and kicks the bar forward. Then you still try to muscle the bar up overhead rather than pull yourself under it - of course, this is not only too much weight to do that, but the bar is too far away, so it doesn't work and you end up pressing it up overhead. Watch your hips as you try to get under the bar - you reach them forward rather than sitting them back into a squat. This is a combination of a lack of confidence under the bar, being off balance forward, and inflexibility."

I am following the Sample Masterís Program with added volume on the classic lifts and squats. Since your feedback I have continued to focus on stretching, I warm up with OHS + snatch balance (light and fast with a 2 sec pause in the bottom) each time I train, include high-hang and segment snatches/cleans on the skill day (Wednesday). However, when I do the regular pulls I feel like something is off (back rounds and I tip forward)Ö should I replace the pulls or just reduce the load or reps? I was especially curious about the load for how the 3 position pulls were programmed in your book in the technique/position cycle first before classic lifts (+ pull, + finish, + snatch/clean). Also, for someone who is still working into proper position as my self would you include a halting deadlift + high-hang pull or stick with segment snatches? Or replace the added classic lift and squat volume with additional position work?

Thank you for for offering your expertise on this site

Greg Everett 02-02-2012 10:03 AM

If your back is rounding on your pulls, you need to reduce the weight. If the weight isn't that heavy and your back is still rounding, you need to do some direct back work like good mornings and stiff-legged DLs with an exaggerated arch. Remember that pulls need to be done with the same posture/position as the classic lift - if you load them so heavily that you're rounding and changing the movement, you're not going to benefit nearly as much from them. At this point especially, use the squats to push your general strength and use the pulls to build postural strength/position/timing.

Halting deadlifts would probably be helpful to square away your pull posture and position. Use weights that allow you to keep the back fully arched and remain balanced. Don't worry about doing a high pull, but you can do a pull from the pause position if you want.

Ben Glidewell 02-03-2012 11:58 AM

Thanks for the tip on the stiff-legged DL and goodmornings to work the exaggerated arch... I feel like my back is faily strong as far as pulling off the floor, but I have a hard time holding that arch once approach my knees. Would you be willing to recommend a squat program to use with the Sample Masters Program template that would push my general strengh while I am adressing these technique and position issues?

Thanks again,

Greg Everett 02-03-2012 12:41 PM

Ben -

you could use the russian squat program for that 6 wks or the first 6 wks of tim swords 7-week cycle

Ben Glidewell 02-06-2012 12:32 PM

Thank you for the suggestions Greg, they are greatly appreciated. For someone who is unable to push cleans due to front rack issues would you stay with a program that has front squats and back squats like Sword's to get that stimulus? Or would the volume from the Russian Squat Cycle and the heavier loads with only doing back squats produce greater overall strength gains to transfer into the clean when (hopefully not if) front rack issues are resolved?

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