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Jay Jack 03-19-2012 09:54 PM

Split Snatch Help
My wife has just recently started to share my interest in Oly lifting. The problem is she lacks the mobility to get anywhere resembling low in an overhead squat position. Both her shoulders and her hips lack mobility. She's 37, and fought MMA professionally at a very high level for the better part of a decade. That info was just to say she's a pretty banged up masters age lifter. If she were younger and less banged up, I would force her to work on mobility until she could get the positions. But with her age, and sports related injury history, at what point do you say "screw it" and let her split snatch?
Second part of the question is, what kind of programing differences do you have for splitters instead of squatters?
Thanks for the help

Greg Everett 03-20-2012 09:41 AM

None, really. Everything is the same except the receiving position. So the only changes you would need to make to programming are changing any squat-based snatch assistance exercises to splits, e.g. snatch balances, punch down into the split position; OHS, turn into snatch-grip lunges or split squats.

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