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Chad Lammert 04-21-2012 10:54 AM

Snatch and C&J 4-21-12
Today's Efforts-

Current PRs are snatch 165, c&j 200. Heavy singles today were 145 and 195 respectively. These vids are at 145 and 185. Most of the time I'm just thinking stay back and throw the weight behind me.

Snatch: http://youtu.be/jEh7pE8njsE

C&J: http://youtu.be/fRA3r_DGuyY

Matt Morris 04-23-2012 07:30 AM

On the snatches, they generally look pretty good. You are hitting good positions from a postural standpoint, but the bar is a bit too far forward. This is making it hard to catch b/c its in front of you.

I'd say two potential things are 1) make sure you are getting back towards your heals (not necessarily on them, buy back towards them) as your first pull gets to your knees,and 2) that on your second pull, make sure you are really active w/ your lats and imagine bringing the bar into your hips, instead of bringing your hips to the bar.

Pretty much the same thing for the CJ...

Are you in the Dominican high school gym?

Greg Everett 04-23-2012 09:36 AM

Snatch -

This is a big improvement over your last videos. I would like to get your shoulders just very slightly farther forward right from the start - maybe an inch.

On your pull under, keep that bar back closer to you. This will get you under faster as well as keeping your balance and foot placement better. Speaking of that, stomp your feet down flat and aggressively - you don't need to pick them up higher really, but don't let them just sweep back on their own - straight up and straight down, re-establish a strong base right away.

CJ -

First of all, you're a natural jerker - that's a hell of a good jerk. Get a bit more strength/stability in the trunk and upper back and elbows and you will be invincible.

The clean, same deal w the feet you have going on in the snatch - get them flat and under you right away. You crumbled on the first one because your feet were behind you.

Shoulders a bit more forward right from the start and stay over the bar longer - try to keep your shoulders in front of the bar until the bar is at least to mid-thigh. That will make your balance better and let you be quicker at the top and changing directions.

Finally, your arms are a bit stiff when you finish your extension - try to relax them a bit, and then engage to pull down slightly sooner. Push the bar in w your lats actively the whole time you're extending and as you pull under - you're letting the bar drift away from you a bit. Push in, elbows out, shoulders up into the bar, and you'll be balanced and solid in the squat.

Chad Lammert 04-23-2012 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by Matt Morris (Post 96250)

Are you in the Dominican high school gym?

Yeah Matt it is. Have you been there? We've really been trying to get the Oly program at CFMilwaukee rolling and have some really great people there.

Chad Lammert 04-23-2012 01:20 PM


Thanks for all the solid advice--a lot to process and put into practice. There's an informal meet this weekend so I'll be back with some numbers on Saturday and I hope they are PR's. BTW- I've been following your regular programming, do you think I should be doing anything else?

All the best,


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