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prince prempeh 06-20-2012 12:38 PM

Workout Program Critique
Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the forum. I recently read "Kicking the Metcon Habit" by Jocelyn Forest and I could totally relate. I had been searching for a new workout to change things up and came across Crossfit. At first I loved everything about it. Then, however, I felt like I began to lose weight and muscle mass. Maybe I wasn't eating enough or maybe I was doing too many metcons, I don't know. Anyway, as an ex-football player, I have always been concerned with muscle mass, keeping my weight up, and being as strong as possible.

So I have developed a new program for myself, which is strictly weightlifting, not much cardio. Maybe some plyo's, agilities, and running on the weekend. I am wondering if someone out there can take a look at my program to see if I am setting myself up for making gains in strength and size, instead of over training. Any suggestions and critiques are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and happy training

Front Squat 5/__ 5/__ 5/__ 3/__
Deadlift 5/__ 5/__ 5/__ 3/__
Lat Raises 10/__ 10/__ 10/__
Leg Curls 8/__ 8/__ 8/__
DB Shrugs 10/__ 10/__ 10/__
DB Curls 8/__ 8/__ 8/__

Press 5/__ 5/__ 5/__ 5/__
Pullups 3 sets Max
DB Bench 10/__ 10/__ 10/__
Close Low Lat 10/__ 10/__ 10/__
Dips 3x15
Calf Raises

Squat Cleans 5/__ 5/__ 5/__ 3/__
Push Jerk 5/__ 5/__ 5/__ 3/__
Skull Crushers 10/__ 8/__ 8/__
Leg Ext 8/__ 8/__ 8/__
Bar Curls 8/__ 8/__ 8/__
Bar Shrugs 8/__ 8/__ 8/__

Bench 7/__ 6/__ 6/__ 5/__
DB Shoulder Press 7/__ 6/__ 6/__ 5/__
Renegade Rows 8/__ 8/__ 8/__
Rope Overhead Ext 10/__ 10/__ 10/__
Incline DB Press 10/__ 10/__ 10/__
Tri Kickbacks 10/__ 10/__ 10/__
Calf Raises

Allen Yeh 06-21-2012 04:52 AM

I can't seem to make any rhyme or reason out of the groupings of your days? You're not doing upper/lower, but you aren't doing whole body either. I also don't see any groupings by push/pull or vertical/horizontal.

Day 1 you have heavy lower body but then at the end you throw in a bunch of miscellaneous upper body movements

Day 2 you have 3 presses, 2 pulls and calves and abs

Day 3 you have cleans followed by some arms stuff, leg extensions and push jerk

Day 4 - 3 pressing movements, 1 pull, 2 exercises for triceps and then calves and abs

So just on the face of things you have almost double the amount of pressing to pulling which can end up being an issue when usually most people would benefit from the opposite ratio.

Some good programs that have the flexibility you are looking for might be either either 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler or the West Side for Skinny Bastards by Joe Defranco. Both of those programs have set guidelines but enough wiggle room between the guidelines also.

prince prempeh 06-21-2012 06:38 AM

Much appreciated, thanks for the help and guidance!

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