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Peter Little 07-03-2012 11:20 PM

Need shoulder advice.....sleeping accident
OK...I'm on the road, travelling with a few kettlebells in the trunk. Far away from access to a doctor or a PT...and find the advice around here to usually be better anyhow.

I used to have shoulder problems, but since moving away from Olympic barbell work towards more kettlebell and better programming, have not had any shoulder issues in a good couple of years.

Three nights ago, I fell asleep with my left arm outstretched underneath my bedmate. I awoke in the morning with a hint of pain in the shoulder joint. Barely perceptible, just enough to notice-felt like my arm had been pulled a little out of joint in the shoulder during the night. Without thinking about it, I went to the nearby park, and did 5x5s of weighted pull-ups, followed by a little conditioning workout of cycles 15 light deadlifts, 15 push ups, and double unders for 15 minutes.

Shoulder felt fine all day. Woke up that night in serious pain in the shoulder, and its been crazy irritated ever since. Hurts to raise arm in front of me, but the pain is deep in the joint and nonspecific. Can't find anywhere palpable that feels irritated or painful. Each night, though, I awaken with the shoulder in throbbing pain.

Im kind of thinking maybe I had a little supraspinatus irritation or AC strain, then did it in with the weighted pull-ups? or the push-ups? or both?

Anyone have thoughts? Any ideas on how to approach, beyond the standard RICE? Its actually miserable right now. Even just daily activities are painful.

Allen Yeh 07-04-2012 06:38 AM

Check out the below link for an oldie but a goodie, mostly to show Greg E's ibuprofen carpet bomb method without having to cut and paste it. I know you said you are on the road but ibuprofen should be easily gotten.


There are some good suggestions but not as conducive to traveling. Personally when I feel things flare up I usually double or triple my fish oil dose along with the ibuprofen. Personally depending on myself on what I think it is I go with either ice or heat. That is just through the years of knowing myself and what I think I may have done.

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