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Bo Schmidt 07-08-2012 04:30 AM

Competition preparation - dips, pull-ups, 1000m row time trial
Hello everybody

I'm about to enter a competition. The competition has different stages, among which some of them include performing maximum number of bodyweight dips, maximum number of bodyweight pullups and rowing 1000m time trial. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could best train for this? I'm willing to put in the work, so don't hold back in your suggestions. Anything you can suggest, be it easy or beyond insane, I'll be glad to hear it.


Allen Yeh 07-08-2012 07:32 AM

Some more questions:

1. How far out is the competition?

2. How do you stack up on those 3 particular events right now?

3. How far apart are each events? It's a much bigger difference say if all 3 of those events one right after another.

4. How much time and days are you able to train?

Bo Schmidt 07-08-2012 09:49 AM

Thanks for replying, Allen Yeh!


Originally Posted by Allen Yeh (Post 97099)
1. How far out is the competition?

The next competition is 4 months out, i.e. October 2012. There is one year in between each successive competition, which means the next one takes place October 2013.


Originally Posted by Allen Yeh (Post 97099)
2. How do you stack up on those 3 particular events right now?

Following are my latest results. These will have to do until I can do a retest (the scores are fairly accurate though):
Dips: 20
Pull-ups: 11
Row: 4:00 (2:00 pace/500m)


Originally Posted by Allen Yeh (Post 97099)
3. How far apart are each events? It's a much bigger difference say if all 3 of those events one right after another.

The sequence is as follows: Pull-ups, dips and rowing.
The dips are performed almost immediately after the pull-ups, maximum rest is about 20-30 seconds.
There's a relatively long rest period between the dips and the rowing.


Originally Posted by Allen Yeh (Post 97099)
4. How much time and days are you able to train?

I can train every day for 2-3 hours, but my schedule is very flexible.

I thought I'd add my previous PRs to give you an idea of my current capabilities:
Squat: 165 kg
DL: 190 kg
Bench: 100 kg
Press: 75 kg
Pendlay row: 120 kg
C&J: 100 kg
Snatch: 70 kg (technique)

Allen Yeh 07-09-2012 06:42 AM

Are there any other events other than the 3 you listed?

I dont have time to formulate a reply to the other stuff right now but I will.

Bo Schmidt 07-09-2012 07:16 AM

The last event is focused on aesthetics (not really my cup of tea). Front, back and sides are judged. I remember coming to this forum when I first started olympic weightliting and thought you guys were mostly strength and performance focused, but if you have any suggestions to aesthetics as well I'd be happy to hear it :)

Allen Yeh 07-10-2012 04:55 AM

Ok so looking at your current numbers 4 months seems to be plenty of time given what you are working with already I'd say you're weakest area right now looks to be the row. Which can be brought up easily enough whether that be from refining your technique or just rowing more.

1. Pullups -If possible I'd recommend doing most of your practice on rings or some type of handles that move. Or at least change your grip often. When I was deployed last year I took my dead hangs from 11 to 21 at a BW of 89kg's The biggest lesson here is to be careful of your elbows! I was using a regular pullup bar for the vast majority of my training here and I paid for it. Nowadays I can still hit 16 most days and I only hit pullups once or twice a week.
- The vast majority of my improvements came from doing the Chad Waterbury Pullup, Lunge Pushup program - Basically you start with 1 of each per day and add one every day for 60 days. You don't change the rest of your training. In 2005 or so I had good improvements using the Armstrong Pullup program but that program requires INTENSE dedication. Last year I wanted something fun. Both programs can be found online.
- Once I made my elbows crazy I didn't stop doing pullups just did them way less frequently than every day. I had one day of weighted pullups where I worked up to a PR of 45 kg's around my waist and a day of just bodyweight pullups
-With 4 months I'd try to work in at least 2-3 weeks into those 12 where you take a total break from pullups IE Weeks 1-4 Armstrong program, week 5 still training but no pullups at all, weeks 6-10 weighted pullups....etc

2. Dips - Never really tried to improve this number other than gymnastic ring dips but the same principle for your elbows, dont let them get to the point to where they are smoked that will really limit your competition training.

3. Row - My best 1000m is like the 3:30's and my best 500 was 1:31 so take my advice on this category for what it's worth. What I started with I don't even know, needless to say before I first discovered Crossfit I had never touched a rowing machine before.
- Technique refinement - through various online resources I found out that just sitting there and pulling on the handle for all I was worth wasn't the best way! Years ago like 2005/2006 CF had a series of rowing videos not sure what the availability is now online. Those and learning the "starts" really helped me shave seconds off my time
-However nothing will help you in this category other than doing it! One 1000m+ day, one 500m x 3 day with 1-2minutes rest...things like that.

4. Aesthetics - I personally have no bias against that but you'd probably get more information elsewhere. How do you stack up in this category right now? How does the competition stack up? Is it like a race to get as ripped as possible? Are the judges looking for symmetry?

5. How else are you planning on training for the next 4 months minus those 3 events?

Don't forget recovery! MobilityWod has some great videos on how to treat smoked elbows and shoulders but you need to make sure you don't let them get smoked! Just almost smoked! Nothing wrong with programming in a deload week or recovery day into your week. It's not as glamourous as the other stuff but necessary with all the rowing, dipping and pulling.

Bo Schmidt 07-13-2012 02:07 AM


Pull-ups and dips: The plan so far is 4 weeks of the Armstrong pull-up program applied to bodyweight pull-ups and dips. 1 week rest (week 5). Week 6-10 the Armstrong pull-up program applied to weighted pull-ups and weighted dips.

Rowing: For rowing I'll be adding in 6 workouts on Monday-Saturday. These will consist of the ones you mentioned: 1000m day, intervals and some days with long rows for recovery and technique practice.

Aesthetics: This will be some type of bodybuilding training. I stack up on this event pretty well (without much focus on it in my previous training, however), but other competitors are a little further ahead, so I'll need to work on this. I imagine having one chest/shoulder/back/arms/legs day every week with abs 4 times a week.

After having finished this, I'm thinking of adopting the GTG method for weighted pull-ups and dips.


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