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Scott Seeley 07-31-2012 05:35 PM

Post-operative Success
I don't have any videos to post (yet), but I do have a question to the WL coaches out there-
What has your experience with lifters who have had surgical repairs to the shoulder, elbow, or both?
What I'm curious about is the success they might have or problems that tend to persist. I myself am 10 months out from a reattachment of R-distal biceps tendon and 8 months out from a SLAP repair in R shoulder (thanks to CF and a huge ego). I want to pursue oly lifting but I know the mechanics of both lifts demand technique/strength/speed. I would like to know if there are any coaches out there that have trained athletes with these conditions and what they learned. Any info/opinions would be beneficial. I need to 'research' if pursuing oly lifting is the wisest thing for me to do. Thank you for your time!

Oh, more info: 35/6'1"/180# with long arms/longish legs...as in strangers asking me if I'm a swimmer. And I have a poor excuse of a posterior chain (arse), the way I was born :(. And no, I'm not soliciting myself confusing this forum for match.com...I'm married anyway so no pm's :D

Scott Seeley 08-02-2012 06:15 AM

No takers, huh?
Either nobody has trained a repaired athlete or no one wants to touch this...
I was just looking for some help on where to start and what to look for/expect from one of the most valuble/friendly Oly forums out there...

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