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John Janecek 09-19-2012 03:12 PM

Thoughts on good training bars?
QUOTE=Greg Everett;68831]Glenn was kind enough to send us one to check out, and so far it's holding up well. I wouldn't sell them if I didn't think it was a good product.[/QUOTE]


This post of yours is a couple years old, hows the bars holding up?

I am looking at getting bars for my 22 platforms at my high school soon.

I have trained on Elieko many times and love them (just sold my old training bar to a friend who's cheap garage bar broke, I think my bar was atleast 10-15 years old and worked great)....

I know Glenn and trust him, I TRUST that the Eleiko bars will be here till I retire, and I have known Leo for over 15 years and trust him so can't go wrong with Werksan either if I can get them...

If you could do it all over again and put new training bars on all your platforms what would you use??

PS-If Troy Bumpers makes a bar we can go ahead and rule them out......Got their VTX's as replacement bumpers, 25's are already working loose in the middle where the metal insert is, great stuff these guys make, hopefully the 35's and 45's last me awhile....

John Janecek

Blair Lowe 09-25-2012 11:51 AM

I like either of the Pendlay bushing or bearing bars and this one random DHS bar we have at our gym. It looks more beat up but it's so beautiful to lift with. Both it and the higher end Pendlay also are 28mm. We have an Eleiko but I think something is wonky with it besides some other bars that don't seem to have identifying manufacturer marks.

Chris Rice 09-25-2012 12:08 PM

Not an option for you but the "old" York bars were about as dependable and bulletproof as anything I have seen. I love my Eleiko training bar but still love my old York as well. As I read around the interwebz the Pendley bars seem to have a very good rep. I believe when thinking about bars for a High School a little thought needs to be given to how much power rack use the bars will get. Nothing bends a bar faster than a HS kid and a power rack. Designating some big, thick heavy bars for that purpose will let you get a lot longer life from whatever "good" bars you buy.

Blair Lowe 09-25-2012 11:26 PM

the gym I work out at uses beaters for squats and deads and only brings out the Oly bars for the lifts, swapping them out when going for the slow lifts.

I tried to do a Pendlay HD vs Pendlay NG vs DHS today. the DHS won out by a smidgin. The needle bearing felt stiffer in the hand compared to the bushing bar but seemed to turn over better during the clean.

Bare in mind, I only was testing them against each other bar only, not even 5's on the side. And I'm a super noob.

We have an Eleiko, but I think one of the sleeves is stuck so it doesn't seem to spin in one direction. I opt not to use it.

John Janecek 09-26-2012 06:11 AM

Thanks for the info.

My bars on the platforms stay there-they are never used in the racks. We have 22platforms and 24 squat racks, all the racks have an older texas power bar. I've been here about a year and half and have only had one bar bent (in the racks) during this time and it was cheaper old bar....

The "straightest ones" that "spin the most" are on my platforms.

I bought ten Eleiko Trainings bars for my platforms in UAlbany NY when I was strength coach there from 1994-99. They are still being used today.....

Here's some pics of our place here in Longview, high school just got renovated athletic facilities for the first time. First pics of wtroom are when I got here and the ones below are after I built platforms this past may and rearranged the room and removed some "machines"....


John Janecek

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