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Peter Möller 09-30-2012 01:12 PM

Two questions on the Snatch learning progression
The first question is on the article about the power position & transition phase featured in the december 06 issue of the Performance Menu. If I´m correct this is presented as the first step in learning the snatch. What I´m wondering is simply why those two exercises are the first in the learning progression and what the purpose of them are? I read the article several times but couldent really figure it out. I understand that they are critical parts of the move but not why they should be taught first?

My second question is if it´s possible to give an estimate on the time frame required to learning the snatch? Of course this is near impossible given the all the different factors that has to be considered like individual diff, level of ambition and so on but.... A rough estimate? Like: "6 months to learn the front lever and planche in gymnastics".....
I´m having a bit of trouble with the interpretation when reading about it. For example. The second article on the snatch starts out with "When we left off several years ago"....... I sense a bit of humor in this but you can never be sure. It seems to me that if an athlete has to start out in a new sport simply practicing the Burgener for several years before even considering moving on, that sport is going to have a limited number of practicioners? (Note my own humorous tone here....)
Might be worth mentioning that my own ambition level for the snatch is more of learning it for sports specific training than "I wanna make it to the olympics"... :)

I would really appreciate if you all/someone/anyone would take the time to write a few words about how long it took you to get the lifts and tell a bit about your journey there and you´re current "status"...
But simply a quick estimate on the time needed to learn the snatch will do as well. :o

Thanks alot, and sorry about the excessive rambling!:)

Greg Everett 09-30-2012 08:14 PM

I don't remember that article but to answer why a lot of people teach that hang start position first is simply that it's important. You can teach a bunch of other things first, but why distract from the most fundamental?

Regarding how long it takes to learn the snatch, I've taught some people to do pretty impressive snatches in a few minutes; others take months before they demonstrate something really sound. It depends primarily on the characteristics of the athlete and less on the way they learn in my opinion. A very talented athlete will end up doing it well even with the worst teacher; a very unathletic individual will struggle even with the best teacher.

Peter Möller 10-02-2012 01:55 PM

Thanks alot for the answer!

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