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Noel Nocas 10-08-2012 12:52 PM

Technique Critique - Videos of Snatch and Hang Clean
Just looking for some pointers on my lifts.

Planning on posting more video in the future...been out 6 weeks nursing a pulled quad and am hoping to be back squatting in a week or two.

I am very new to Olympic lifting (started summer 2012), but Greg's book and resources are what I have been studying, so I need quite a bit of help.


Hang Clean:

Thanks in advance.


Javier Sanjuan 10-12-2012 06:43 PM


I think you're doing a great job. In my eyes, you could only benefit from a slightly more improved start position in both lifts. It looks like you're deadlifting instead of pulling. I'll try to explain as best as I can.

First, in the snatch, I think you can get your butt lower and lead out with your chest. Flexibility doesn't seem to be an issue based off you overhead posture when you receive the snatch. It's seems that you lose some leg drive because you start to high (i.e., like you would start and pull on a deadlift). Everything else looks good -- you're bar is nice and close, you're upright and strong, and you stabilize well.

In your hang clean, your pull off the ground brought the same feelings. I know it's not the lift you wanted commented on, but compounding good habits is crucial. Again, try to get the butt down farther and lead with your chest. If you can get your eyes on a focal point in front of you, this will help you. You do it all throughout both lifts when you receive the bar, which is great, but try to do it when you're coming off the ground. This will help you engage more of your legs and get the bar higher. Everything else looks good.

I hope this helps.

- Javi

Noel Nocas 10-15-2012 12:32 PM

Thanks Javi,

I will take your advise and work on it best as possible, hopefully with some success. I would imagine it would take some time to develop strength out of the bottom with a lower starting position...It seems like I want to start there but my hips immediately take over. I will work on it with my deads and pulls a lot more and see if I can fix things. Once again, thank you.


Javier Sanjuan 10-15-2012 11:38 PM


No worries, man. You've got sound structure and it doesn't look like you're trying weights that are beyond your reach. You look poised and confident with the lifts. Just try to get your butt down a little lower. It's ok if the hips rise about an inch to a new position as you pull the weight off the ground and set/maintain a tight back angle and structure, but they shouldn't continue to rise faster than your shoulder or try to rise to deadlift-height starting position (if that makes any sense grammatically). Focus on pushing through that ground.

If I can help with anything else, let me know. Keep up the great work!


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