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John Janecek 10-10-2012 12:49 PM

Replacement VTX bumpers falling apart after 3 mo?
Latest from USA Sports (Troy Bumpers/VTX Bumpers)

Tim said when he reported this to them they said:

"The way that we use them we need to buy competition bumpers because
no plate other than that would hold up to what we do"

I teach kids to drop the bar with bumpers and collars on.

Been doing this 22 years, have nine year old Kraiburgs at my friends
garage still going strong. Plenty of bumpers like this at my old school Harwood JH
that are 6+ years old still going strong....Same at Trinity HS. All
bumpers of the same price range (Kraiburg, Olympia, Hi-Temp, Wright
Rubber)...All being dropped on a daily basis.

These are rubber bumper plates, meant to be dropped as they are used
for explosive lifting.

We also had one VB girl cut her fingers on the exposed metal rim.

First video is of the newer VTX bumpers we recieved in June, the
second video is the Troy bumpers we had for 11 months.

The company seems to be not concerned about either....



Also, we have a couple old hi-temp 25lb bumpers atleast 5-6 years old we were using to hold down our kicking net on the sidelines, they are back at one of our MS's now being used and are just fine.......Must be competition hi-temps??

Guess I need competition bumpers...???

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