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Ryan Dritlein 10-19-2012 02:48 PM

Video Analysis - Snatch.. catching too high?!
Hey guys!

This will be my first post on this forum! Pretty excited to be a member here.

Quick stats.. I'm 165lb and 5' 11" .. been learning Olympic lifting for about a year this month. I havent been able to find a good coach out here except some crossfit gyms but they never really helped me figure out what I felt was wrong.

Anyway.. I downloaded a APP on my Android Tablet called Coaches Eye, so the video I am about to share has my commentary, some slow motion replays and some colored lines I drew on the video.

** I am trying hard to learn how to catch the bar in a lower squat position and I am not sure the best approach to practice this. I am not sure why, but I tense up and catch the snatch pretty high up all the time. How does my form look?

also, this is a hang snatch.. as I am trying to focus on the hip drive.. as I have a tendency to pull too fast in the first pull.

http://v.coachseye.com/GCvG << Link to the video and commentary.

Thanks guys!!

Istvan Samayoa 10-19-2012 03:10 PM

What works for me:

Drop snatches and dead hang snatches - but more drop snatches.

That being said, the problem could stem from lack of core strength, flexibility, etc.

But if its just a mental issue, maybe try adding drop snatches in to a program once every couple weeks, and keep practising full snatches. Dead hang snatches (known to other as tall snatches) are good in limited use to get comfortable dropping under the bar (and force you to stop using your arms to pull).

OH Squats and Power + Squat won't get you doing full squats; you have to get used to hitting that position in one motion from ground to overhead.

Ryan Dritlein 10-19-2012 04:12 PM

Ahh. That makes sense.

I've always used a snatch balance, to OHS to try to get strong through the movement. I tried a heaving snatch balance too.. but I just tried that out a few times.. still getting comfortable with it.

A drop snatch sounds like a great way to "drop" under the bar and gain confidence. Thank you sir!

Also.. its pretty obvious in the video that I maintain a pretty constant upright torso.. during the transition, I dont have any forward lean due to what looks like.. poor shoulder flexibility. I just cant seem to get my arms back far enough. If I widen my grip, I can.. but then during the hip explosion.. I nail my pubic bone or outer hip bones. So I use a somewhat narrow grip. Pretty much my index finger on the "ring"

Ryan Dritlein 10-26-2012 10:04 AM

just wanted to give a update.. ive been practicing drop snatches and tall snatches and am feeling a lot more confident diving under the bar.

I hit a PR for an overhead squat and snatch balance the other day.

Also.. as a side note.. I noticed that I would break the knees first on a OHS and try to spread my knees as much as possible.. then I met a sticking point as shown in the video.

I learned to start with breaking the hips back first, then let the knees follow. I feel a "swooping sensation" as the hips come forward, the knees come forward and it feels a lot linear.

Thank you for the feedback!

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