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Richard Bendekovic 04-04-2013 12:08 AM

C&J advice and thanks
I posted these words back in September speaking of a 65k jerk (1st video), at the time was trying to get past shoulder pain during jerk:

One last thing-I can't split jerk so power jerk, squat jerk advice only. I am one of the people that Greg referred to a recent article that can't jerk, and Foreman wrote some time ago about being able to identify those that are better off not split jerking. I get the "it takes time," and "you can do whatever you put your mind to," "its all between your ears," and I even preach those to my son. That said, I can't split jerk. Too old, too stubborn, un-athletic, whatever I can't do it.

Made this lift last night:

Any advice appreciated. I noticed I lean a bit forward on dip and then the bar is out in front a little. Also, I have a couple specific questions. 1) I wait a real long time (20 seconds) between clean and jerk. Although not usually that long, I have been doing this lately and has been working for me. Thoughts on this please? And what is allowable in competition? 2) Does the lift look legit, i.e. no press out, specifically with the right arm as I have had that problem? I know the video angle not great to see right arm but let me know what you think.

Lastly, while this is not an real impressive lift, considering my squat and push press numbers, it felt great to have come so far with the split jerk after being convinced I was too old, too slow, and broke and it would never happen. So thanks to all the help from this forum and website as it has been my primary source of information and initially my only source. Thanks again.

Greg Everett 04-05-2013 02:34 PM

Nice work!

Main thing I would suggest is slowing down the initiation of your dip a bit so you can be smoother - that really sudden drop makes it very hard not to shift forward. As part of your getting set checklist, unlock your knees (not a bend, just unlocked) and tighten your quads a bit. This will allow you to start that dip smoothly without dropping down out from under the bar.

Javier Sanjuan 04-06-2013 01:08 PM

Great work! It's really awesome to see someone fight through metal obstacles and achieve something they thought was out of their reach.

On top of what Greg already provided, I humbly think that you could improve your rack position. It seems like your bar is resting on the clavicles and palms rather than across the shelf you should be making with your shoulders. This is probably leading to some bruising and pain in the wrists. You could correct it by flexing your lats, which should help you raise your shoulders and create that nice rack position. Think about doing an old-school lat spread pose that a bodybuilder would do.

Other than that, nice job! Keep it up. I hope what I provided helps you.


Richard Bendekovic 04-06-2013 02:32 PM

Thanks for the tips, much appreciated. I think I know what thought progression caused the rapid drop and I am pretty sure I can get it fixed. Javier, you are right on, the bar is resting on my clavicle. This, I think, is a result of the high volume of BTN jerks I had been doing to convince myself I could jerk. When I moved the bar around front I was trying to replicate the elbow position and starting using the clavicle to support the bar so I could relax the arms and shoulders at least a little before the movement. As I recently began to move to higher weights (for me) I realized this would be a limiting factor. I actually spent my "rest," day today working front rack mobility and jerking the bar from the position you recommend. I will definitely try to take your advice and improve the rack position.

Javier Sanjuan 04-07-2013 11:46 AM


I'm happy I could help in some ways. Just remember to keep the elbows slightly forward of the bar, not directly underneath it. This will also help you with your position. If you try to replicate how look on a BTN jerk, then you'll continue to place the bar on your clavicles and feel the weight directly through the wrists.

Keep kicking ass! I hope this helps.


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