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Zach Gray 04-25-2013 05:24 AM

How Extended Should Wrists Be In Snatch?
I was always taught to have them fully extended to create a "shelf" for the bar that will make it more stable. So I've pretty much been OHSing and catching the Snatch with the dorsal side of my hand pretty close to perpendicular to my forearm.

The reason I ask this, is because recently I sprained my wrist, and I've begun to look closely at your lifters are as well as the Cal Strength folks, and for the most part they are all pretty much just slightly extended, and not fully cranked back like I was taught.

Just curious if what I've been doing is wrong, and if I should begin to change how much I'm extending my wrist in the overhead position.

It's been about two weeks and at this point snatching is still aggravating my wrist, cleaning doesn't.


Greg Everett 05-02-2013 12:20 PM

They should be extended and hands relaxed, but that doesn't mean the bar is toward the fingers. bar should be in the palm, which means it's over the forearm, slightly behind the centerline for balance and better hand position. The exact hand/wrist position will vary among lifters based on how they're built and their grip width and mobility, but in any case, holding the bar too far back in the hand (ie toward the fingers) creates too much stress on the wrist and also makes it harder to extend the elbows forcefully and securely overhead.

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