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Richard Bendekovic 04-29-2013 03:21 AM

Swinging sensation in Snatch
A couple of snatches from today's first "heavy," day in a couple weeks. Doubles of 61 and 66 kg, 87% and 94% of max. The baggy shirt makes it difficult to see what the elbows are doing but I have a couple specific questions if anyone has time to help me out. First while working up to these sets on a couple of reps I snatched without moving my feet. This was not something done consciously the bar just kept moving and I pulled under seemingly without raising up on toes or moving my feet. In the first rep of 61 in 1st video below, I barely moved my feet, again not something I was trying but the snatch felt good. Good? Bad? Irrelevant? Thoughts? Second I feel like I am really swinging the bar out in front. The video shows otherwise, I think. I am wondering if the early raising of hips and butt is causing this. As always thanks.

Greg Everett 05-02-2013 12:44 PM

The hips rising too fast is definitely part of the problem, but also (and related), I think your knees are getting a little too straight before the second pull (if you keep your chest up more in the pull so that your arms are still about vertical when the bar reaches the knee, this should take care of itself).

I like the feet moving - not high, but up enough that they can reconnect actively flat against the floor in the right position. Part of your feet not moving is likely related to the above - that hip rise tends to make the finish more hip-centric and reduce the upward pop of the legs that helps foot movement.

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