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Jake Duncan 05-08-2013 04:02 PM

still early arm bend
This is a constant issue for me. I've gotten slightly better but the early arm bend is still apparent, especially at heavier weights. Any explanation on what to change would be appreciated. Skip forward to the 35 second mark

Blake Barnes 05-13-2013 04:09 PM

I video isn't working for me.

Make sure you're keeping your elbows relaxed before you even break the bar from the floor.

I suggest doing halting clean DLs to a weight that you start to notice yourself wanting to bend your elbows and making sure that your elbows are straight. You don't need to actively lock them out, they should be straight simply from not bending them.

Jake Duncan 05-15-2013 11:51 AM

Fixed the video. I will keep focusing on relaxing arms and focus on it during clean DLs. Just seems like every time i start getting heavy, my arms want to bend.

Steve Pan 05-15-2013 02:33 PM

Focus on towing the bar with the arms on the way up, and the arms being the force pulling you down. Wait a bit longer and finish with the legs and hips before the arms initiate that pull down.

Some things to try light with warm ups may be a dip clean followed by a clean from the floor. Focus on finishing and having the arms tow the bar up and pull down as soon as you finish the extension. The goal will be for that feeling of finishing before pulling down carry over to the clean from the ground.

Rich Kite 05-18-2013 04:12 PM

When my lifters have this issue, the simple means to a fix can sometimes be patterning the movements when an arm bend is not required, i.e clean pulls.

So, if this issue is happening, I get a lifter to do something like 3 clean pulls followed by a clean. Obviously this is not something you would be doing at maximal loadings due to it being repetitive, but you can go fairly high with it still.

Failing this, another technique I have heard of is hammering the arms into fatigue prior to a workout, like lots of arm curls! Wouldn't suggest this so much, although results have been found doing this. Just thought it might make you laugh to hear lol

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