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Michael Frazier 05-31-2013 12:29 PM

13 misses and 1 made attempt
Hey guys, these were all attempts at PR's and I finally hit 105k from the hang. The jerk attempts were all at 305lb. If you were there coaching me, what would you have cued in my jerk? I'm trying to better my lifts, and wanting as much input from as many coaches to help with my eye and my own coaching.

My PB snatch is 237lbs, I wanted that 110k hang so bad and it was feeling lighter than normal but I just couldn't manage to stick it. Any advice on what you see would be greatly appreciated! Take care!

Blake Barnes 05-31-2013 05:23 PM

On the jerks, you could have dropped your hips down a little to absorb the weight with the legs and get that lockout. The cue for that would be to keep the back knee soft. It looks like you stick the split and then relied on the punch a little too much. It's tricky when people are going for a 1rep max; sometimes the technique is fine but they're just not strong enough to execute the lift. A lot of coaches will just give their lifters a few (3 or 4) attempts at a certain weight if it's a strength issue.

You're snatches are the same way. I think that was just too big of a jump from 105 to 110. I would have gone to 107 or 108 and then 110. But it's definitely a weight that is achievable.

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