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Jared Green 06-11-2013 08:55 AM

Snatch analysis
Hello, I'm fairly new to olympic lifting, been doing it for a few months but haven't had the flexibility for awhile until not too long ago. I'm still losing weight to get down closer to the 105kg, I've lost over 100lb's in the last year. Hoping the weight loss will aid my flexibility with stretching and rolling.

Any and all help appreciated, thanks


Tom Brown III 06-12-2013 06:05 AM

Hey Jared Green,

Great work! Iím too new to weightlifting to offer advice on your technique, best to let Greg and other coaches guide you there.

Technique notwithstanding, you should be extremely proud of yourself- 100Lbs!... Really? That is nothing short of astounding. You also show great initiative in starting your own garage gym. Not as fully equipped as you would like maybe, but a good start. And youíre DOING ITÖ your there putting in the time and making gains.

Stick to it, youíre on a good trajectory. Please keep us posted on your progress.

Blake Barnes 06-12-2013 10:59 AM

Hey Jared,

Congratulations on losing all that weight and staying consistent with your training.

I'm sure you'll feel a little more comfortable about getting into the correct positioning as you continue to lose weight.

You have good speed on the bar but you dive through a little when receiving it in the bottom position. Try to keep your torso a little more upright. This is usually caused by mobility issues with the ankles or the hips. Incorporate some isolated mobility exercises for both and see if that helps. Also, make sure your joints are good and warmed up before you start your training.

Blake Barnes 06-12-2013 11:22 AM

Here's an article Greg wrote today about his flexibility/foam rolling routine:


Jared Green 06-13-2013 08:31 AM

Great! I read the article and will definitely be incorporating stretching and rolling every day. I will post back with a more upright snatch soon enough... :D

Thanks much

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