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Michael Frazier 06-13-2013 08:34 PM

Snatch critique/ coaching tips
I've post a couple of videos and appreciate the feedback from you guys. I'll be competing as an 85k next Saturday for my first meet and plan to go SN-95/100/105, C&J 115/120/125. Both of these lifts were today (June13th), I've been trying to hit my opening lifts each training session and feel confident with them. I suppose I'm just looking for advice in general for a first meet and critique on the two lifts in the video. I feel I may be over pulling up top, and was wondering if that is in fact something I'm doing or am I off somewhere else. Alright. Thanks again! Hope that all made sense.

Michael Frazier 06-14-2013 12:44 PM

Will anyone here be going to the East Valley Open June 22nd?

Blake Barnes 06-14-2013 04:05 PM

The technique looks good. I wouldn't say that you're over-pulling - you may just be whipping your head back - but it looks like you're under control. For future reference, if you've been training a certain way throughout your meet preparation it's better to change up your technique afterwards and not right before. So stick with your instincts.

You want to make sure and have your openers be something your confident in making so it's good that you're consistent with 95 and 115 in training.

If you don't have a coach, try to time out your warm-ups by how many attempts there are before your first attempt. Do the same warm-up weight you would do in training. Meet day isn't the day to go and change anything.

Best thing to do is just go out there and have fun. Good luck!

There are a couple blog posts on the website about meet day and meet etiquette:



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