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Gene Dushin 07-08-2013 11:31 AM

Training Cycle Advice
Hello everyone!
Noob on the forums....

Just wanted some advice on which training cycle I should choose to follow based on my current goals and achievements, here goes:
-Weightlifting about a year (hooked through CrossFit, have over 10 years of powerlifting experience)
-Currently in the middle of a Smolov intense cycle(HBBS),will retest new 1RM in the first week of August.
-would like to compete in an open weightlifting competition in November (4 months from now)
-can only train once a day, occasional 2 a days on holidays.
-have been working on improving form with an Olympic WL coach.
-need to become more consistent on my lifts (C&J, Snatch)

I've looked into the 12 week Classic/Position Cycle and the 5 week Front Squat Emphasis Cycle, but would like some feedback based off what I mentioned above and would like to choose the best possible cycle for my goals. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Blake Barnes 07-14-2013 08:15 PM

I think the 12-week Classic/Position is good for your next cycle (especially will a WL coach there for an eye), then I suggest doing the 4-week Quick & Classic cycle to set you up perfectly for your meet.

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