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Terry Page 07-17-2013 06:13 PM

Common Weightlifting Faults in Beginners/Intermediates

What are the most common weightlifting mistakes you see beginners/intermediate/CrossFit lifters make? (aside from weak legs)

Elbow bend?
Not finishing the pull?
Pushing the jerk forward?
Letting the bar drift away during the pull?
Torso dropping during jerk dip?
Unstable overhead in jerk/snatch?

Of them, what are common exercises/complexes that you might use to fix them?

thanks a bunch!

Søren Wahlgren 07-18-2013 02:29 AM

I don't really think as lacking strength and mobility as errors but more as a lack of ability. Errors can be fixed rather quickly where as building ability takes time.

With that being said I think the most common mistakes are not keeping the bar close/bouncing the bar on the hip, not staying over the bar long enough, not staying on the heels, not keeping the back tight, not fully extending the hip and not actively pulling in to the receiving position.

Blake Barnes 07-18-2013 09:32 AM

I feel like there are several things that could go wrong for a beginner/intermediate/crossfitter and there are several different exercises that could help them. I think for anyone trying to correct their technique, they should seek out a qualified WL coach.

Kucheryavenko Alexey 07-21-2013 04:49 AM

I think all the same mistakes that beginners make in weightlifting
CrossFit athletes also start in weightlifting and do cover those errors

Greg Everett 07-23-2013 05:52 PM

The answer to that question is pretty much half of my 450-page book...

To try to simplify, the biggest problem is being unable to achieve the correct positions/postures, and being inconsistent in their movement as they learn. All the things you listed are possible results of these things. And each has a different approach to correction. It's just way too broad of a question.

William Forth 07-24-2013 01:02 AM


Originally Posted by Greg Everett (Post 100206)
The answer to that question is pretty much half of my 450-page book...

Is the book that you wrote the one that is posted in your signature? Because that link doesn't work when I click it..

Greg Everett 07-24-2013 10:54 AM

Yes, fixed

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