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Ivan Oliveira 08-16-2013 12:55 PM

snatch technique trouble

my name is Ivan Oliveira, I'm from Portugal and I started Oly lifting about one and a half years now.
Olympic weightlifting is pretty poor here, and there's only a few places where you can actually train.
So I started looking on the internet for tips, schedulles, and technique discussion.
I've seen a lot of youtube videos also and I'm following a Greg's plan for beginners that I kinda adapt to
My technique is pretty much self-taught and I've made a slow progress, but now I'm a bit 'stuck' with
my snatch technique. I'm missing almost all my reps to the front.
I mean... I'm strong and as you see in the video I can almost muscle snatch 90kg but I can't squat snatch
more than 80kg.
My questions are: what is wrong with my snatch and what can I do to improve it (exercises, drills,
acessory movements... whatever!)




Blake Barnes 08-19-2013 04:35 PM

What are your squat numbers? If you feel weak standing up out of the bottom position then I would say it's a weakness in the legs. In that case, I would suggest a squat program along with some overhead squats.

On your initial lift off of the floor, it looks like you're back is a little soft. Try to lift the bar off of the floor a little slower and focus on keeping your back tight and your chest up on that first pull; rather than being "hunched" over the bar with your chest down. As that bar passes the knees, push the bar in towards your body. It looks like you are "reaching" your hips to the bar a little bit which may be the cause of missing in front. Try doing some Segment Snatch Pulls/Halting Snatch DLs/Snatch DL to knee.

After the extension, make sure your elbows are breaking UP and OUT. It looks like you're kind of just turning the wrist over as you drop underneath the bar. Use the bar to pull yourself down as that bar is moving up (the third pull). This will create a quicker turnover and let you stabilize the bar overhead as you descend in the squat.

Ivan Oliveira 08-28-2013 07:25 AM

Thanks Blake. Although my squat numbers are pretty weak (170kg BS and 155kg FS) the problem it's not about standing up. It's more about getting down... I feel lack of stability. As for the back, maybe this video was not the best example because I was a bit tired that day and the filming angle was not the best one, because I have a pretty good deadlift (about 240kg and 280kg for partial rep) and I do sets of 3/4/5 reps of pullups with 50+ kgs hanging by my waist. So I would say my back is pretty strong.
About the hips I thinks you're right... I'll work that.

Blake Barnes 08-28-2013 02:47 PM

Actually your squat numbers aren't bad so it's not a weakness in the legs.

On your Overhead Squats, try moving slower on the descent. Maybe give yourself a 3-4 count until you reach your full depth. Make sure that you're keeping your back engaged throughout.

Also, you can try holding the bottom of Overhead Squats/Snatches/Snatch Balances/etc. for 2-3 seconds before standing up to further develop the comfort of the bottom position.

Isolate your weakness and let that carry over into the lift.

Charlie Reynolds 09-16-2013 01:50 PM

Keep your chest up/push it out more before you start pulling and keep it like that throughout the entire lift. Your hips are coming up during first pull and causing the bar to drift out/away from you. This is harder to control in a full squat than a power snatch. Maybe try some pulls from floor to knee focused on control/technique. Crack first pull then move on to second, third. OHS is pretty pointless for most people, most of the time IMO (unless narrow grip for mobility etc); better off with snatch balance.

Ivan Oliveira 09-21-2013 03:23 PM

Thanks a lot Charlie. I'll do that.

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