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Akwer kie 09-13-2013 04:35 AM

Safety Courses: Creating Health and Safety Awareness in Employees
Health and safety courses gained importance after reports revealed that more and more lives are lost in workplaces due to the lack of safety precautions. According to the suggestions of the UN, many countries have formulated policies for tackling workplace safety issues. One of the major steps was the decision to make safety training compulsory for employees working in all industries. Employees have the legal right to get health and safety training from their employers. The employer who refuses to give training is liable to face legal actions. Proper training sessions will make employees’ health and safety conscious. This will reduce the number of accidents caused due to the lack of training.

Health and safety courses are offered by different globally recognized agencies through recognized course providers in different parts of the world. They have qualified trainers who have years of experience in conducting health and safety courses. Training sessions are made lively by role-plays and other interactive sessions. An effective training program sensitizes employees and reduces the incidents of workplace accidents. This saves the company’s money spent on paying the employee’s reimbursement bills and other damage expenditures.

There are a few recognizing agencies, which are considered as the best safety course providers. IOSH, NEBOSH and OSHA are the health and safety agencies in UK and US. They provide courses overseas through accredited course providers. Courses provided by these agencies have separate content to target specific industries. It is important to provide safety-training courses for employees. It is the responsibility of employers to select the best health and safety course for his company.

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