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Travis Stewart 10-21-2013 02:17 PM

Programming help
Started the 12 week complete 13 weeks ago when I left for deployment and have become pretty obbsessed with oly lifting now.

I started with a shitty 155 crossfit snatch and hit 190 a few weeks ago
I had a 175 Clean and jerk and now at 210.

My main problem right now is strength I pr'd my front squat and Clean and jerk on my PR clean. My front squat is 210 (maybe 215 but I built up to 205 on the "heavy" front squat workout and the was challenging and slow) my back squat is 255.

I started the 5 week front squat cycle this week and want to go into the 9 week strength by feel cycle after that since it says its good for lifters with undeveloped core lifts. Is this a good plan?

Also is it ok for me to be essentially maxing my front squat ever saturday or should I do more of a wave like 85,90,95 85,90,95% off my current max?

Thanks for the help

Greg Everett 10-22-2013 03:28 PM

I think that's a fine plan. It's fine also to max out your fs every saturday as long as you can deal mentally with the fact that you won't always PR and sometimes not even get close.

Travis Stewart 10-24-2013 01:51 PM

Thanks coach,

I'll feel it out on that first wave whether there is going to be a PR or not and go from there whether I should just repeat the wave or go for a max.


Travis Stewart 11-15-2013 04:03 PM

Just started the 9 week program and have a question about the Wed schedule lifting 90% of Tues 5rm Snatch Deadlift.

My back squat 1RM is 255 and my 5RM Snatch Deadlift was 250. So my lifts on wed are set all at 225 which is heavier than my 5 rep maxes for monday.
5Rm Squat was 215
5Rm Barbell row 175
5Rm Pushpress 185

What is the intent of the Wed workout so I can guage the intensity. Is it a slight back off or is it meant to ramp up the weight a bit because there are less sets?

Also I can not understand the deficiency in my squat I can deadlift 405 but barely ATG squat 250. My tendency when weight gets heavy is to tilt forward to better use my hamstrings and glutes so does that mean I have weak quads? Is there anything I can add or supplement to the program to try and correct the problem.

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