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Jeff Treistman 11-01-2013 03:50 PM

Wide grip snatch & hand pain?
Hi all,

By way of background, one month ago I was on vacation and received some personal training on my snatch. The coach advised that I widen my grip out to the collars to achieve better placement in the hip crease. Upon my return home a few days later I was practicing some snatch balances and began feeling two distinct pains in my left hand: (1) running along my pinkie finger and stopping at the wrist; and (2) base of the thumb along the palm (thenar eminence?). This pain in my hand has continued for the past few weeks -- but only when I do snatches.

Thus, my question…. I recently came across an article that suggested for some athletes a wide grip snatch can aggravate the triangular fibrocartilage. Has anyone ever experienced this phenomenon, i.e. hand pain with wider grip snatch? The short timeframe between the coach's advice and pain leads me to suspect this may be a cause. However, I should note a potential caveat -- I had not done any snatch balances for about two months until I practiced them upon my return from vacation. Again a short timeframe between the coach's advice, but I wonder if my form or something was off when doing the snatch balances that may have caused some sort of hand trauma from which I have not yet recovered?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



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