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Ryan Dritlein 11-05-2013 06:02 PM

Strength and Power Development Phase - soo recommended!
So I wasn't sure if I should post this in the training log forum, but it's not really a log.

I am on Week 10 of 12 of the "strength and Power Development phase" and I feel amazing. I've really made huge strides in dialing in form and what's comfortable for my body. I'm very excited to see my max's at the end of week 12!

So a big shout out for Greg and the programming! Highly recommended!

Dan Ewer 11-06-2013 01:03 AM

In to see increases in lifts!!

Good luck

forrest long 11-06-2013 03:22 AM

I would just like to second what the OP said. I've been through 4 or 5 cycles form CAtalyst and I have to say that none of the cycles have ever given me results like S&D. PR'd every lift quite a bit

Greg Everett 11-07-2013 10:17 AM

Thanks guys

Ryan Dritlein 11-23-2013 03:03 PM

Alright.. today was "Max day"

Here's the results -

I'm 6' 0" and 170 pounds.. so a lightweight. About 1.5 years self taught in the garage, so progress is slow.

Snatch - Previous 125 - NEW PR 150! +25 lbs
Clean and Jerk - Previous 185 - NEW PR 205!! +20 lbs
Back Squat - Previous 285 - NEW PR 315!! + 30 lbs!

Thank you so much Greg Everett!

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