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Stu Myers 11-08-2013 10:38 AM

Hand pain
My 16 year old son has recently developed some pain in his right hand. It only occurrs when he's snatching. He has absolutely no pain doing normal daily activities. The pain is on the inside portion of the thumb, under the meaty part of the thumb/palm, near the thumb joint. It's where the bar rest in the palm of his hand. He can do snatch pulls, clean pulls, clean & jerk etc. etc, without any problem what so ever. Any idea what my be causing this and a possible solution.

Greg Everett 11-08-2013 11:07 AM

I have seen this kind of pain come and go a lot among lifters with no real diagnosis and no treatment. I think any hand and wrist mobility work will help, but also take a closer look at his snatch grip and his hand position in the snatch since that's the lift that causing him pain. If he's holding his hook grip overhead, make sure he's flexible enough to do this and that he's achieving a good hand/wrist position rather than, for example, trying to hold a neutral wrist and/or gripping the bar too tightly.

Also to consider:
Did he recently change his grip? Did he recently significantly increase his snatch training volume? Did he recently make a big PR and then increase his training weights significantly and suddenly?

Stu Myers 11-11-2013 07:37 AM

Thanks Greg. He hasn't changed his grip recently. He did a PR of 80 kilos about three weeks ago and was increasing his training weight, but he was having some pain before that time, just not like it is now. I don't think it's a flexability issue, but I noticed yesterday that he's trying to hold a neutral grip with the right hand in anticipation of it hurting. He said he can't manipulate the hand/wrist in a way to replicate the position that his hand is in when it hurts during the snatch. We're using ice and heat after workouts and Mom is a massage therapist, so he's getting a hand massage as well. He's going to the American Open in about 4 weeks, so were trying to get him in the best condition (hand wise) as we can before the meet. I just know her very frustrated. We'll keep working at it. Any further suggestions are appreciated. Thanks again.

Joseph Palmer 06-04-2014 09:14 PM

I'm actually experiencing something very similar right now. Its in my left hand though. I've been trying to work around it and have discovered that not holding a tight hookgrip overhead and letting my thumb joint collapse outside of my hand cause a the pain. A doctor suggested I had strained a ligament in my hand. If I focus on keeping a tight hook grip the pain is minimal, but as weights get heavier it becomes harder to do that. Straps can help sometimes too.

I'd be interested in hearing if/how the hand issue resolved itself and what you did. I know this is an old thread but I'm new here.

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