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Jason German 11-11-2013 06:21 AM

Please Critique Last Meet
I would appreciate any advice on improving my lifts. I was feeling pretty good about the snatch going into this meet but everything when to crap. Got on my toes and jumped back which I never do. Also, at meets I get pumped up and end up powering everything. This works fine until I get to a weight I can't power. On my cleans, I have a tendency to dump the bar forward when it starts to get heavy. You will notice this on the final attempt. The bar had plenty of height but I leaned over and dumped it forward. Any advice on how to correct this? I feel like I have plenty of power for the weights I'm working with but have issues with receiving.

Greg Everett 11-12-2013 03:39 PM

Just really quick - on snatches, when you pull under, keep your chest up and squat the hips straight down - turn the bar over all the way behind your neck rather than reaching your chest/head forward to get under.

Cleans same basic thing - instead of sitting back w the hips and leaning the chest to the bar, keeping bringing the bar back to yourself, squat straight down and lift the head and chest up into the bar.

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