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Brian Turchioe 11-11-2013 10:18 AM

1st Oly Meet Critique
Hey everybody I was in the 85kg class and weighed in at 82.7kg. I went 4/6 with 80, 85, 91X & 106, 111, 118X (made clean missed jerk). I've embedded the videos below.







Based on my own analysis and talking to a couple of experienced lifters, it seems that my bar path is bowing out a bit too far from my body, thus forcing me to move forward for the catch. This has been a problem for a while that I have worked hard to gradually improve, although not perfect yet, it is better. Next I have noticed that the front foot on my jerk always seems a little short, and 118kg was definitely plenty high for a lockout if I could just find a more stable foot position and weight distribution with the split. This brings me to my next thought: if I am just not that comfortable with a split jerk, should I work on learning a squat jerk? Is that crazy for me to think about that? If I were to do a squat jerk I'm assuming I would also have to widen my grip? Anyway please give me any tips and form critique that you can and I thank you in advance for your help.


Greg Everett 11-13-2013 11:27 AM

On snatches, as the bar passes the knees and you begin thinking of the final explosion, you need to stay flat footed as long as possible and use the lats and posture to bring the bar back toward your hips rather than reaching the hips for the bar (yes the hips will move forward toward the bar, but let that happen naturally). Reach a finish extended position in which the shoulders are a little behind the hips - you're pretty close to vertical.

In the clean, you have a similar issue, but it may be coming more from trying to push your knees too far back too soon, so you end up having to shift forward in compensation. Keep your chest up and just shift your weight to your heels as you leave the ground without focusing on pushing the knees back specifically. Then same as sn, stay flat footed as long as you can and think of pushing the bar back into your lap rather than reaching for it with your hips.

The jerk problem is simple - your step isn't short so much as you're diving your body forward. Immediately as you dip and especially as you start driving up, you're entire body is shifting forward. You need to dip and drive vertically. Imagine a vertical line through your ankle, hip and center of the bar, and keep those 3 points in that line throughout the entire dip and drive. Only after you've finished driving straight up do you split the feet. Don't reach your chest through the bar so much - imagine bringing the bar back behind your head and reaching through with your front heel and hips instead.

Brian Turchioe 11-13-2013 01:57 PM

thanks greg for your input. I have used your book a lot as reference material for improving my lifts. What exercises specifically would help me improve my positioning? Blocks/hang work above the knee to focus on bar positioning or slow position deadlift/pull work to emphasize the positions.

Greg Everett 11-13-2013 02:20 PM

Halting sn/cln deadlifts, lifts from the hang (knee and above)

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