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Mo Zhnag 11-17-2013 03:22 AM

advanced novice programming
Hi all,

I've being following the GSLP for general strength for several month. I've being inactive for most of my life, but strength training has really caught my fancy recently, and I'd like to pursue general strength / power to the furthest extent possible, without much specializing. I hope I'm not too greedy in those endeavors, but I hope to be strong, but definitely look strong too.

I'm 27yrs old, 5'8, and 168lbs stable, btw 15~20% fat. I try to eat more, but I get a little sick from excessive consumption. My current stats are:

PP: ~60kgx5
Squat: 245lb x 10
DL: 315lb x 5
Snatch: 45kg
C&J: clean >80kg, can not jerk period

Since I have not yet exhausted my LP yet, I'd like to follow GSLP on M-W-F. But I'd like my snatch and C&J to not lag too far behind, I'd like to dedicate Tu / Sat for OL lifts only.

Mon: Squat, BP / PP, BB Row;
Tue: Snatch Var, C&J;
Wen: Heavy clean, DL;
Thur: Off
Fri: Squat, BP / PP, weighted chin;
Sat: Snatch, C&J Var
Sun: Off

I'm self employed, so I can guarantee 6~7hrs of sleep per night.

How does the program look? is it too much? I can pretty much guarantee about 4000cal/day, 6~7hrs of sleep per night.

Any feedback on programming would be appreciated. I know I'd do much better if I had access to an OL coach, so if someone could recommend in Vancouver BC area, within 1~2hr drive, I'd appreciate it as well.

Christian Paev 11-17-2013 08:56 AM


In my opinion you could progress greatly using just three sessions per week. It is very challenging to visit the gym more that 3 times a week, so I suggest you doing that.


This is simple, yet brilliant program. You could easily track your progress and go to more and more complicated variations of the full movements.

Do that and just try to progress every week, every month :)

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