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Alex Pelkey 11-29-2013 06:04 PM

Immobile wrist
I figured I would come on here to get all og your opinions on a little matter of mine. I broke my scaphoid bone in my wrist about 4 years ago while I was playing sports in high school. The initial X-rays came back negative due to the swelling of the wrist, and so I never treated it and continued to live with my wrist for two years. I discovered weightlifting and one day while snatching I hurt my wrist again. I went to a specialist this time, and the X-rays showed my scaphoid was indeed broken from the time back in high school, and that because of the length of time it was broken avascular necrosis occurred (my bone lost blood supply an died). My doctor opted for surgery to try and reconnect the bone, and amazingly, after 6 months it worked. I did, however, lose a lot of mobility in wrist and am paying for it now. After 4 months of occupational therapy and time back in the gym I gained some mobility back, but only to about 40 degrees of extension. I never feel pain while lifting, and though it may look awkward it does not hurt. The only time I feel anything is when I am snatching and my wrist feels like it is stretching a ton in the overhead position. My question is, do you guys think it is bad for me to be performing olympic style weightlifting with a wrist that has serious mobility issues? Thanks.

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