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Kristoffer Johansen 06-17-2014 06:08 PM

Snatch and C&J Critique for newbie
Hi. I am a beginner at Olympic weightlifting, and I'm in the fifth week of the starter program (extended it by a week for various reasons), and i feel like I'm finally ready to get some feedback on my technique in the C&J and Snatch, as i don't have any nearby competent weightlifting coaches. For now I've been studying the techniques from the vids on this site and some additional YouTube stuff.

Here are the link to the Vids:


The Snatch is my current PR of 50 kg


The C&J is executed at 75 kg, approximately at 93-94 % of my 1RM (80 kg)

The Snatch: I feel like my bottom position is weak and I'm not able to catch it bellow parallel very often. My Power Snatch is still 5 Kg's higher then my Snatch.

The C&J: My Clean feels alright, and my Jerk feels terrible. my split position is weak and my elbows are very soft :p Actually my power Jerk feels just as strong as my split Jerk.

Really looking forward for some feedback! :D

Blake Barnes 06-18-2014 11:04 AM


Overall your lifts look pretty good.

In the starting position, I would tighten up your back and pull your chest up a little more. It looks like your starting a little bit high and you have your vision focused down rather than straight ahead. There's a great article on the starting position by Greg here.

Looks like there is a little bit of instability in the bottom position of the Snatch. There are plenty of drills you can do to help strengthen this part of the movement. Snatch Push Presses - Overhead Squats - Snatch Balance - Press in Snatch are all very beneficial. There is also a very good article ("Overhead Stability in the Snatch") written about overhead stability that may help you out.

The starting position for the Clean looks a bit better than the Snatch starting position. The only thing is that when you bring it up it looks like you shoot your knees back a little too far. You do want to get the knees back but not that fast and not that much.

The Jerk isn't bad. The only things I have on that is step your front foot out more and don't lock out your back leg. Keep you back knee soft so that you can absorb the weight with your hips straight down and create a more stable base.

But like I said, the lifts don't looks bad at all. Just keep at it and it will all come around.

Kristoffer Johansen 06-26-2014 03:58 AM

Hi! thanks for great reply!

Have taken some measures after looking at you're reply. Going to post 1 rm snatch and C&J after i complete the next cycle that you can tear up verbally :p

Kristoffer Johansen 07-16-2014 11:23 AM

Hi again, i need to post my latest PR i the Snatch. I have come to realize that my bottom position i just horrible. Its almost impossible for me to catch the bar bellow paralell. I know there is a mobility issue somewere but i can't figure out exacly were:confused: . My prime suspects are my hips and my thoracic spine. It feels like im going to get on my toes and fall forward everytime i try to catch the bar deep.

This video is of me on a really good day. when im having a bad day my snatch just looks plain awful :(


Please help :D

Keith Miller 07-16-2014 02:55 PM

I would have you do overhead squats and pause in the bottom position for a 5-6 second count. I.e. get down there and get comfortable. Let everything stretch out.

What do you do for warm-up regarding your overhead position??

Kristoffer Johansen 07-16-2014 03:35 PM

Hi, keep in mind that im relatively new to oly lifting, been doing it for 3 months ect.

I tend to use quite a while on my warmup, around 20 minutes.

Here's what my warm up usually looks like:

Foam Rolling on 2-3 different areas
Dynamic ankle mobility work against wall 2-3 minutes
Ankle mobility work with barbell on my knees
Shoulder mobility work with rope (rotations over my head)
Overhead squats with band (without and then with weight lifting shoes)
Some dynamic hip mobility work
Rotator cuff work

Also i've had Overhead squats in my work out routine pretty much the whole time, so i wonder if i need something more or if i just need to fix something with my mobility in my T-spine section or my hips, or perhaps some other place.:confused:

Blake Barnes 07-22-2014 11:20 AM

I agree with Keith, you need to get comfortable in the bottom position. Although 5-6 seconds may be a little long. Sets of 3-4 holding for 2-4 seconds would do just fine. Two exercises you want to focus on: Overhead Squats and Snatch Balance.

It also looks like there might be some shoulder mobility issues along with hips and maybe T-Spine. Weightlifting is the 2nd most flexible Olympic sport so not a lot of people are just going to be that flexible naturally. Be patient and keep working your mobility exercises into your training.

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