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Patrick Steele 07-08-2014 06:24 AM

Back leg straight on jerks
Ok ok! I'll admit it, my jerk is HORRIBLE!:eek:

I am seeking constructive feedback on the following video of a 240 jerk:

Here is a successful 280 jerk:

Here's a 290 attempt to tie a PR fail:

This is what most jerks of mine look like when I fail. My hips aren't getting under the bar. My back leg is straight, and my front knee isn't bending into that lunge position.

What are some things I can work on to break this habit in the coming weeks after a competition?


Patrick Steele

Blake Barnes 07-08-2014 08:25 AM

You're going to have to work on keeping the back leg soft so you can absorb the weight with the hips straight down. You're also slightly over-reaching the back foot and not stepping out enough with the front so that brings your hips back behind the bar rather than straight down. That is also causing you lower back to hyperextend which is something you don't want to happen with maximum effort weights overhead.

A great exercise to help correct this is Split Push Presses. You can see in the video that you want to let the back knee bend (while keeping it rigid) to lower the hips and achieve a strong lockout with a straight torso.

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