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Matthew Bosworth 07-09-2014 08:25 AM

Please Critique - Sn and CnJ technique
These weights are moderate - ~65-75%

Why is my right side lower than my left? I've narrowed my grip a bit, to make the bar sit in the crease of the hips properly when standing upright. Don't know if its a mobility thing, one arm's shorter than the other, or is it a strength thing - I tend to think I don't have the upper back tight enough in the 3rd pull/catch.

Sn -fail at 20s, make at 36s

3 position Sn - lift starts at 15s

CnJ - lift starts at - 13s
This felt really strong - thoughts?

PCn + 2Cn - lift starts at - 12s

-Luvs yous guyz-:p

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