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Rick Deckart 04-10-2007 09:26 AM

Elephant steps --- Pulling blocks
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Elephant stepsTM Pulling blocks.

I always wanted to get a pair of these blocks:


But as I am from Germany there is no way I would spend that money plus shipping, tax added value etc. etc. to get a pair. Last year I heard of Sumo's impressive partial lifts and as I did not have the money to build a good power rack I decided to build myself a pair of "Elephantblocks", as I call them.

The following items are needed:

Power drill, power saw (ordinary saws and drills do fine but it will take longer to build the blocks)


1. 4 wooden plates (420mm x 350mm x 250mm x 25mm), I prefer MDF as it is not only sturdy but also heavy.
2. 4 wooden beams on one side (420mm x 50mm x 20mm)
3. 8 wooden beams (230mm x 50mm x 50mm); I made these from scap wood
4. 2 wooden beams (230mm x 90mm x 90mm); also from scrap wood
5. 32 brass angles(?)
6. 32 x 6 screws plus 4 screws for items 4. plus 8 screws for items 2.

It took less than 90 minutes to assemble two boxes and as I only bought the brass angles plus the four MDF plates the total cost was well below 50 bucks. Each box weights over 17kg and is sturdy like a tank. Infact I once dropped 216kg on the boxes from around 1000mm bar height, which didn't leave a dent...

Of all my self build equipment this by far the item I like most. I use them for partial deadlifts from different heights (the three sides offer three bar heights: 480mm, 530mm and 580mm), as support for the back leg during bulgarian split squats, for non-regular zercher squats from the bottom, floor presses and even (together with my bumper plates) as box for box jumps. I would not hesitate to load these boxes with 400kg--500kg, if the MDF side is on top you can double that, thanks to the center-support beams...

Dave Wilson 04-10-2007 11:14 AM

I will add this to my to do list.

Steve Shafley 04-10-2007 11:28 AM

Very nice! I like it.

Kevin Anderson 04-10-2007 11:33 AM

go to this link and there is a video of a guy jumping on a stack of blocks that we use for pulls. There are some other videos with the blocks pictured as well. They are made of 2x4s and I've seen over 200 kilos dropped on them.


Ronnie Ashlock 04-10-2007 08:39 PM

Thank you! Very cool design.

Rick Deckart 04-13-2007 11:00 AM

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Thanks, I added two pictures of setups I used with the blocks, despite the ghetto look very sturdy and stable. I will likely post a thread about my new DIY wooden squat racks after the weekend if there is interest. Super sturdy multipupose racks with a couple of twists I haven't seen so far...

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