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James Evans 04-19-2007 08:01 AM

I went out on my mountain bike yesterday and put away 20 miles. Spent the week cycling and needed to lift something. I have been working with heavy weights in big lifts for the first quarter of the year but have backed off for the last week or so because of time commitments and a tight back.

Did my twice weekly pull up work and then started the Magic 50 with a 16kg KB.

Put the first set of swings and snatches away and felt really flat. Just couldn't face the burpees. Paused for 60 seconds and then did a quick circuit of swings and presses and snatches.

Felt a bit better. So slightly inspired by the curls referred to in my canoe post I did this:

10kg db in each hand (and they felt really light)

DB Curls
DB Thrusters
DB Bentover row (two handed)
DB Snatches (two handed)


Took me about 15 minutes, I didn't thrash through it but it got me sweating. I don't think I've done a curl seriously for 2 years!

And the shameful thing? I'm really sore today. All over.

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